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What I Got Myself For Christmas

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AKA What I bought in the Christmas sales! It's sad to say this but that tree is coming down on Sunday. I wish that there was a tree for every month of the year! I didn't go crazy in the Christmas sales. I just a couple of things from New Look (online and in store), Boots, Lush and ASDA. I went to town on Boxing Day and to be honest, it was a little bit rubbish. I even went early and all the good things had already gone, but never mind.

First off is Lush. I actually went here last of all as it didn't open to 11am, so I was in there like a rocket! I didn't go for any of the gift sets, but some people were going crazy for them. I just grabbed a load of bath bombs and bits and made it out of there quickly. A lot of stuff was 50% off, so I got 10 things for just over £18. I got: Golden Wonder, Candy Mountain, Cinders, Butter Bear, Star Light Star Bright, Melting Snowman, Dashing Santa, Magic Wand, The Christmas Penguin and Christmas Eve. They actually over charged me, which is annoying because I did mention at the time that something went through at £8.75 that I didn't get but they said it didn't. I can't complain though due to the big discount for Christmas stock.

Next up, I got the Miranda Hart Live Tour DVD. This had been on my xmas list, so I thought I would treat myself to it as I love the tv show so much. I have to say it was funny but as some of the material is already in the tv series, there were a couple of been there done that moments.

I actually only spent £2.50 in Boots, because I had saved up my points. I always save my points for the Christmas sale and while I really wanted some of the Soap and Glory gift sets, they had mostly gone. I picked up instead the Katy Perry Killer Queen Royal Revolution gift set as I love the original and had sampled this and like it too. I also got a Beauticology gift set (I think these are a cheaper version of Philosophy), which I actually got my Sister for Christmas and liked it so much I got it for myself.

First up from New Look, I picked up these boots, just before Christmas actually. I think there were £35, but they were reduced to £15. Like I need more boots!

From the online sale, I first picked up a lovely new bag. I think I bought it mostly because it was purple, but I loved the shape to. It is also one that can convert from a hand bag, to a back pack, which is something I've never had before. This was reduced to £13. (I've just realised after checking my order for the prices, I also got a scarf that I missed off the pics!)

First online, I picked up some Skinny Jeans. The picture doesn't pick this up well, but they are actually dark green, which I thought was a nice colour. These were £12. I got a graphic t-shirt, which I just liked the print on. I got the sleeve version for £4 and then I bought the muscle tee version for £4. Then in store, when I got the boots, I got this heart tunic for £14 or £15 too.

That's my sales haul. What did you gift yourself in the Christmas sales? Let me know in comments or on twitter @prettyedu88.

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