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Barry M Satin Super Slick Lip Paints

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Apart from their Nail Paints, I have very rarely ever ventured pass the nail section of Barry M. However, after purchasing some of the Barry M Lip Boss lipglosses this summer (I have all but one shade!), and loving them, I decided to give some of their other products a shot, starting with the Barry M Satin Super Slick Lip Paints.

After seeing this image of a model wearing one of the shades on the stands while taking a look at their products, I new that these were the next purchase for me. I tend to buy a few shades of products I love. So I opted for one of the nude shades, 168 Truffle Shuffle. I then, which surprised me, picked up two darker shades in 170 Mauve It and 171 Berry-Licious, which is the shade the model is wearing in the picture. The packaging of these is a gorgeous gun metal and feels really expensive, but I love the original black packaging of the normal lip paints too.

(Left to Right: Truffle Shuffle, Mauve It, Berry-Licious - £4.49 each)

No question of a lie, these totally amazed me the first time I tried them when I got home. They hit the mark on so many levels. The colour payoff is incredible. I was literally just dabbing them on my lips and got such good colour. There build-able which is good, because I'm not use to darker shades so that works perfect for me. The best thing I can say is that when you have them on, it doesn't feel like you have anything on your lips, which is really nice. You can tell these have Shea Butter in, which makes them so shiny and glossy. I haven't tested longevity too much, but I had the Berry-licious on whilst eating a sandwich and it was still there after. The darker shades are quiet staining, which is good. I can still see it on my hand!

At £4.49, the price point is so good for the quality. I have more expensive lipsticks that I don't think match up to these. If you really wanted. I got mine on 3 for 2 in Boots, so you could get the whole range for under £20, which is the price of one lipstick in some ranges.

I only have a couple of gripes. One of them is a Barry M one in general in that they have names for the colours, but they are never on the products. Also on their website, they have the names but not the numbers, which made it hard to tell you what the shades are called. I also don't know if the lip bullet is slightly different or if it is because they are more creamy, but I found that when applying, it kept going over my natural lip line. This could just be me though! The only other thing is I was slightly disappointed with Berry-Licious, as I think it is a lot more red in real life, whereas in the image, which is the cover of their newest trend book, it is slightly more cool toned and a little more on the purple side, but that could just be the photography/natural lip colour.

Having looked at the other shades, I am half tempted to go get the other three! I think these are a must for anyone!

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  1. Great Review, I was impressed by the price and the gorgeous colors also, only complaint is the longevity.

  2. Thanks Thandi! Nothing last long on my lips anyway because I talk too much lol I guess it is because they are slightly glossier than the usual lipstick. Thanks for the lovely comment!