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The British Tag

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I thought it was a little too early to post my November favourites, so today I am bringing you a tag. I literally just googled tag and see what came up, and my fav was the British Tag, which was started by Sammi aka Beauty Crush. I am British so I think that gives me a head start. To classify myself further, I'm definitely Northern. When choosing an image for this post, I could have gone with a Union Jack or a pic of London, but I went with the two things that sum up Britain for me - rain and tea (although I can't decide if that is tea in the mug or hot chocolate or even coffee - it could easily be all three!). One of those we will get into with the questions - so let's begin.

Q1 - How many cups of tea do you have a day? How many sugars?
I have said this previously with fear that I will be thrown out of Britain for it, but I don't like tea at all! I don't know whether it is the taste, or because it's hot as I don't drink any hot drinks. I don't like coffee and I don't like hot chocolate either. If I did drink any of them, with sugar I would go with a lot!

Q2 - Favourite part of a Roast
Ohhhh this is a debate. I would never go with the meat because that can change with what roast you have. It is a toss up between the Yorkshire pudding and the Roast Potatoes. I always eat my Yorkshire first but that is because I believe they go the cold quickest and I leave my potatoes for last, so I think the potatoes might pip it, but I do love Yorkshires!

Q3 - Favourite dunking biscuit
I am going to change this slightly as I am not a dunker to favourite biscuit, which is another debate in itself because I am going with the Jaffa Cake, which I think technically is a cake because it doesn't go soft when it goes off, which biscuits do. I could eat Jaffa Cakes all day and a couple of Christmases back I ended up with 2 of the year of Jaffa Cake sticks, which was about 10 boxes! I don't know if I made this up, but did there use to be a long time ago double chocolate Jaffa Cakes, because I'm sure I remember eating them as a child? I also wish they did the berry flavour more as I like those too.

Q4 - Favourite quintessentially British pastime
This is a really hard one, cause I don't think I do anything that screams British really. Does baking a Victoria Sponge count, I think that is quite a British thing. If not then pass! Just had a thought - I love Wimbledon!

Q5 - Favourite word
If we are talking words in general it is either Turducken or, and lets see if I can spell this without googling it, Dodecahedron - I still had to google it but spelt it right yeahy! - which is a 12 sided shape. Specifically British words, I love a good Bloody every now and then. I don't know if this is particularly British, but my favourite saying is "Do One!".

Q6 - Cockney Rhyming Slang
I'm a Northern so we don't really hear a lot of rhyming slang up here. I'm just gonna google it and see what I like - type type type, scroll, click. I'm just going to have to go with Apple and Pears cause it's the only one I know.

Q7 - Favourite Sweet
Now this is one I have a lot of knowledge in. I love lots and lots of sweets, but my top 5 would be Jelly Beans, Alphabet Letters, Bon Bon's, Parma Violets and Edinburgh Rock. A lot of people hate Parma Violets but I really like that. I think you can tell that I like any kind of what I call "Chalky! sweets. Sweets that look like chalk but I'm hoping, having never eaten it, taste like chalk. But that is just a top 5, I could go on and on.

Q8 - What would you Pub be called?
I like a good classic like The Dog and Duck, something like that. I have dreams of opening a Toastie only cafe called Warm and Toastie.

Q9 - No1 British Person
This is a really hard question again because I like lots of British people and thinking that there are over 64 million people in Britain (thank you google) and that isn't counting the Brits abroad, this is going to take some thinking. I can't even choose my Dad cause he's Irish (Southern). If I'm choosing a male than the first name that came to mind is David Tennant and if I am choosing a female, it would be Miranda Hart.

Q10 - Favourite Shop / Restaurant
I'm going to say New Look is one of my favourite British shops because I always manage to find something in there and who doesn't love a bit of Primark (although is it technically Irish cause that is where is started). Going with restaurants, I don't think I have a general overall favourite, but there is a lovely tapas place in my town which I love, but again, is it technically British is it serves Spanish tapas - how knows the rules!

Q11 - What British song pops into your head?
I read this question and then I am just going to go with the first song that came up which for some strange reason was "Is This The Way To Amarillo?". No idea why but above my head are Peter Kay DVD's so that might be why!

Q12 - Marmite
God no - is it not really Australian?

I hope you have enjoyed a little look inside my weird British brain with it's terrible sense of Geography. I'd love to know you answers with in the comments or on your own blog.

Photos: Tea - Padurariu / Rain - Reza

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