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The Disney Tag - Movie Edition

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I love Disney! I think there mustn't be a person in the world who can't say they don't like Disney. I have loved Disney movies since a young age. I have a really good memory of going to see The Jungle Book when it was re-released (no I am not that old!) and sitting in the aisle rather than the seats. I also remember going to see Beauty and The Beast and queuing outside the cinema for it. Our cinema wasn't that big and I remember the ushers coming to see the tickets to us outside so they could see how many could get in. I recently BroganTatexo do the Disney Tag (you can see her video here) and I really wondered what my answers might be, so I decided to do it. I've been a fan of Brogan for years and she has the best weekly vlogs, so head on over, subscribe and watch them! BTW, don't you love the O-Ring covers for the DVD's! I use some of my rewards points not on DVD's but to get some of the covers for my already owned DVD's!

Question 1 - A scene in any Disney movie you wish you could experience.
The light scene in Tangled would just be so magical and it is just one of those scenes that I watch so intently every time it is on. I remember going to see it at the cinema in 3D and it just felt like the laterns were all around me. It helps that I love the song as well.

Question 2 - If you could choose any characters to be your best friends who would you choose?
Probably Olaf, because not everyone gets to say that their best friend is a snowman. I just think he is such a funny character but very loyal as well. I love the scene where he says he doesn't have a skull, that makes me laugh everytime.

Question 3 - Who are your favourite Disney princesses?
Either Rapunzel or Belle. I like Rapunzel because she is quite kooky and you can imagine has no co-ordination. I think she's very real and i would love to do her hair when it was long. Belle seems like she would be a really caring friend and she quite a strong willed character as well, like she doesn't need saving in a way, she saves the Beast.

Question 4 - What is your favourite Disney movie?
I'm quite stonehearted when it comes to movies so I don't think I have ever cried at a Disney movie. I haven't seen Bambi so I haven't seen that infamous scene. The scene in the Lion King when Mufasa dies is quite sad, but again it never made me cry.

Question 5 - If you could choose any characters to be your best friends who would you choose?
Animated wise, old Disney would be Beauty and The Beast and new Disney would be Tangled. But I love a lot of movies. As for all Disney movies including Pixar ones, I love all the Toy Story movies. Thinking back to the last question, the bit were the Toys nearly dies in the last one is really sad considering they aren't really on two levels. I also like the Pirates of the Carribean movies, Mary Poppins and Into The Woods. And without a doubt, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, because I am off that generation. Also, my all time guilty pleasure movie is Tron Legacy, cause I love me some Garrett Hedlund lol! The Princess Diaries are special to me too because Meg Cabot who wrote the books the movies are based on, was my favourite author as a teen. I also love Enchanted because it's great that Disney kind of does a mick take on itself.

Question 6 - What are some of your favourite Disney songs?
I adore "I See The Light" from Tangled. I really like a lot of the Beauty and the Beast songs, like "Be Our Guest" and "Beauty and the Beast (Tale as Old as Time)". I wouldn't be a true Disney fan if I didn't like "Let It Go". I only recently watch Pocahontas and I love "Colours Of The Wind", I think it's such a beautiful song. I also really like a song from "The Lion King 2" movie, which I vaguely remember seeing, but I have seen the musical version of The Lion King twice at the Lyceum Theatre in London and they use the song in it. It is called "He Lives In You" and the staging and everything is so beautifully done in the production, that this song really stands out for me. Quick story - I went to the toilet in the interval, but like right near the end of the interval, so when I came back out, all the dancers were waiting outside the theatre to dance down the isles - I could have joined in! Disney recently released a We Love Disney albim with songs redone by different artist. I love the Tori Kelly version of "Colours of the Wind" and the Lucy Hale / Rascal Flatts version of "Let It Go".

Question 7 - Which Disney prince would you want to marry?
This is purely based on the actor that voices him and technically he isn't a prince really till he marries Rapunzel, but Flynn Rider/Eugene, because I am a huge fan of Zachary Levi who voices him, because I was a big fan of Chuck.

Question 8 - If you had to be a Disney princess who would you want to be?
Again, I'm going to have to say Rapunzel or Belle, just because they are from my favourite films. I don't think I could handle Rapunzel's hair, but I would love to wear Belle's dress from the dance scene.

Question 9 - Which princesses dress would you most like to own?
Just answered that previously lol Either that or Cinderella's dress because I presuming the glass slippers would come with it??? And Elsa's cause her hair is on point!

Question 10 - Which Disney castle would you most like to live in?
I don't really know because they are all really nice castles, but probably the Beast's before they all got turned back into real people and maybe a bit after to.

Question 11 - What are some of your favourite Disney songs?
Probably Olaf, because he would never melt!

Question 12 - List some of what you believe are the most underrated Disney films.
I have only recently seen some of the animated films that were not as well known or high box office hits like The Black Cauldron, Atlantis and Treasure Planet and I really think that they have great stories, it more unusual to the usual sort of princess/prince kind of stories. As for other movies and non animated ones, I know some people don't like it, but I like John Carter and I also like the National Treasure movies.

I'd love to know what your answers would be to this tag! If you've done this tag, leave me a link below or tweet me at @prettyedu88.

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