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Visiting The Eden Project

By 1:44 PM

Can we take a few minutes to appreciated that it took me an hour yesterday when editing this picture to find the right filter for this picture! It's a very sad but true fact.

At the end of October, I went on holiday to Padstow, which is down the south of the UK. The journey there was not good! 8 hours in a car! Anyway, as one of the days out we took whilst there, I went to the Eden Project.

Never go in the half term holidays, that is all I'll say! I didn't mind the hour long queue too much as I had a phone with games. When we finally got in we were faced with these massive biome, which I can only describe as looking like giant golf balls! I must admit, I was curious to know what it might be like to jump on the outside of one, but sadly I will never know.

It was raining the day I went, but I didn't mind at all, because inside the biome can get quite hot because one is a Rainforest and one is the Mediterranean. These things are so incredible inside and are full of every type of plant you could think of, including fruit and vegetables too. You can go really high up in them as well. It was too busy the day I went, but there are these gangways that you can walk up that go to the nearly the top of the Biome. They don't look stable lol but imagine they are. I did get a picture, but thanks to me and my shaky hand, it was very blurry! There is an overwhelming smell of grass and plants, so if you don't like that smell, be prepared.

In the Rainforst biome was this beautiful sculpture covered in butterflies, insects and plants (wooden obviously). Just in the background of the picture, you can see some grey stairs, that is the walkway up to the top.

Outside there was what I thought looked like a giant monkey but it is actually called WEEE Man and it is made out of old household electronics. I still think it looks like a monkey!

We had something to eat there which was quite an experience in itself! We had food in the Eden Kitchen cafe, which looks like a giant school dinner hall. I can't say I enjoyed the food really as there wasn't much of a selection, but I was fed!

It was a really amazing experience and one I don't think I'll get the chance to do again anytime soon, so I really enjoyed my day there. It is a little pricey at £25 for the ticket, but if you donate that fee, you get an annual pass, which I believe means you can revisit anytime you want within a year of getting it. As I live so far away, I don't think I will, but it is nice to know I could. And as The Eden Project is an educational charity, you know the money is going somewhere good.

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