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What to do when your feeling sick?

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I thought this picture from Unsplash was perfect for this post, because I feel this is me all the time - it's me right now! It is getting to that time of year when people generally get sick. I am one of those unfortunate people who tend to get sick no matter what time of the year it is! Working with children, it kind of comes with the job. Imagine your screen going wavey as I take you back in time to my childhood. When I was in nursery and just as I was starting primary school, I got constant and chronic sore throats, to the point that when I got to Class 2 (aka Year 1), I had my tonsils taken out. Fast forward to when I was 18 only to find out they had grown back! It didn't know they could do that and thought I was some weird x-men hybrid metahuman. But no, turns out they can!

I can't remember ever really getting colds or anything that bad apart from one occasion. I didn't know it had happened until the next morning really, but my Dad had heard me walking about upstairs and found me in another room and I went hysterical. I guess I must have had a high temperature but I don't really call it, nor do I recall the episodes of Ugly Betty and ER that I watched that night! I had to watch them again!

Anyway, this is going to a weird place. The whole point of this post was to pass on some of me top tips for what to do when you are feeling unwell. I am not a doctor (even though I have watched every episode of ER and Grey's Anatomy!), so non of these are medical related. These are just general tips to give yourself a boost! And trust me that these are well tested because I am the worst patient!

1 - Have a cheer up movie!
You never really feeling like doing anything when your sick, but I must admit, I love a good movie. My personal cheer up movie is Tangled and whenever I am ill, it is the one that I reach for. Something about it just picks me and makes me feel a little bit better. Boxsets are good for when your sick too because you have an excuse to sit there and plow through them. In a well timed cold, I borrow a season of Grey's Anatomy from the library and managed to get through 24 episodes in 2 days! Not the best programme to watch if your feeling physically sick! A good comedy is always better but try not to laugh too much if you have a headache or a cough! Keep the volume down as well cause there is nothing worse than loud sound effects when you have a headache!

2 - Lie down anywhere.
A lot of people would probably lie in their bed if they were ill, but I never have done. I have always led down on my sofa in the living room, so I'm still part of the action in the house. My current sofa is one of those recliner ones, so it's almost like a double bed. I bring down a nice comfy pillow and I tend to go for a blanket rather than a duvet.

3 - Know what you can eat when feeling unwell.
I know sometimes when you feel sick you don't feel like eating anything, especially if you have a bad taste in your mouth. I often crave either really salty things or really sweets things, really strong flavours. Ice Lollies are my good to when I'm feeling unwell. The cold soothes my throat, keeps your hydrated (again, not a medical thing but I presume so cause it's liquid) and there is no chewing involved! I also really love crisps when I'm sick but usually something like quavers that are soft. Lemonade is another one for me which I totally crave when I'm feeling unwell. Little story - I am the worst at swallowing tablet or taking medicine, I usually just suffer. I once got told to take dis-solvable paracetamol by a doctor and it was so horrible in water that I put it in Lemonade. I honestly don't know if you should or if you can, but I did.

4 - Have a wash!
This might sounds disgusting, but everyone feels like they can't be bothered to do anything when they are unwell, including getting washed and dressed. But it is amazing how much feeling fresh can help you. Putting on a clean set of clothes (PJ's naturally) and smelling fresh really does work. Forget make-up and making your hair look like a million dollar, but just feeling fresh and clean really does work.

5 - Have everything you need within an arms distance.
You know that you really can't be bothered to get up to get anything when your unwell, so make sure to have a table near you stocked up with what you need - tissues, a drink, the remote controls, hand sanitiser, any medication you might need to take and your treats that make you feel better. I would include your mobile just because then it means you don't have to get up for the landline, even if you do have a portable one, but put it on silent. That's not to mean you shouldn't get up though, but that is what toilet breaks and changing the DVD is for, right??

OK, so these may not be the best tips for when your feeling unwell, but they have always done me good and kept away the miserable wallowing. The most important tip I could ever give you for feeling unwell is to REST! Don't worry about getting things done, the things you have to to do, what might be happening at work without you - it will all be good and worrying about it is just going to make things worse! We all need to admit sometimes that we aren't well enough to do something no matter how stubborn we are, but you are better doing something being 100% you than doing it like some crazed no sleep zombie. I'll readily admit to having done it - I sat through an entire school production doing the music with food poisoning! How I made it home before being sick I will never know!

Most importantly take care of you and your love ones this winter and we'll all brave it through together (I do realise we don't live at the North Pole, but weather in the UK just sucks in general!).

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