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25 Days of Xmas - Day 12 - DIY Christmas Bows

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I get an immense amount of joy from wrapping Christmas presents. I love choosing the paper, getting the matching tags and coming up with great ways to decorate the present. Last Christmas I learnt how to make my own Christmas bows and since then, I have never gone back. They are really easy to make and whilst they might take a bit longer than buying a bow and sticking it on, you can make them so much more creative and patterned than the usual. What's more, I recycled Christmas catalogues to make them. Hopefully I explain it well enough that if you have a go at home, tweet me a pic @prettyedu88.

Christmas Bow DIY

You will need:

  • A selection of Christmas catalogues, old magazine ect
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • Stapler

Select the page that you are going to use to make you bow - I went for a gold glittery page from a Boots catalogue. Next, measure out the width of you strips along the page. You need 9 strips altogether, but I just make as many as the page allows. Each strip needs to be 1.7cm in width (this might need increasing or decreasing depending on the size of your page, but this works for an average height page.) Make sure to do this on the back of your selected page.

Next, take your scissors and cut up your page into the strips. Select 9 strips for your final bow.

Once you have 9 strips, you need to reduce the length of some strips. On 3 strips, cut off 2.5cm. On 2 strips, cut off 5cm. Finally, you need one strip that is 9cm long. Arrange your strips in height order ready for the next step.

Next, you need to fold all your strips apart from the smallest one into bow shapes. To do this I fold the strip in half to find the middle, then unfold. Next I take one edge and fold it to the centre without making a crease. Once it is at the center, I flip it over so the opposite side of the page is showing. Do that with both edges and pop a staple in the middle. Remember, your pattern of choice needs to be on the outside.

Repeat step 4 on all strips, except the smallest which you simply fold into a loop and stick together with a little tape.

Now we can start to build up the bow. Using your 3 biggest loops, stick them together in a star formation. I use fold pieces of tape to stick them together, but sticky dots and double sided tape work great too. Repeat that with the next 3 loops, and stick that star into the centre of the other.

Take your final 2 loops and stick them into a cross shape, before sticking this inside the other two bow stars. Finally, stick your single loop into the centre to complete your bow.

Once you have your complete bow just attach it to your present with a little sticky tape. I think these look just as good as shop bought ones and you can personalise them to your colour scheme. I selected all red pages to match my wrapping. I hope you enjoy making your own bows and don't forget to share yours with me.

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