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25 Days of Xmas - Day 14 - Simple DIY Christmas Wrap

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I love choosing Christmas wrapping paper I think more than I actually enjoy choosing gifts for people. I take it deadly seriously and sometimes it can take me ages to choose the right wrapping paper. I never go for anything expensive because lets be honest - it all ends up ruined anyway. This year I chose a nice one from The Card Factory, but you can easily DIY some simple brown paper into incredible wrapping paper. I love brown paper at Christmas and last year, I used a really nice brown paper based wrapping paper with red Christmas prints on, which I got from a charity shop, so it paid back.

I call this DIY 1 paper, 1 pen because that is really all you need. If I am being honest, it is more like 1 paper, a couple of pens and a pencil, but that is just for some extra details and rough drawing. Here are 3 ideas for you to try. And for those wanting to know, yes these are 3 real technique boxes and a freeview box packaging wrapped up for fake presents!

Decoration Stencil

For all my DIY wraps, I drew them with a pencil before going over them with a black permanent marker. You can really use any colour, but I like the contrast of black on brown paper. This one was so simple but I really loved how it turned out. I traced round a hanging decoration that I has, which had lots of cut outs in it and I think the overall finished product is really effective. You can replicate the design all over the paper, but I chose to do one in the middle and then some simple stars in the corner. This one would be good to do before wrapping the presents, and you could use two or three colours together.

Tied with a Bow

I've seen lots of these over the internet and I think it's a really great way of decorating the paper to look like the extras that you add on such as the ribbon and a bow. You can freehand a bow like I did, or get an image off the internet to copy. Because there is a lot of colouring in on this one, I would suggest either double layering the wrapping or putting some crepe paper round your present, so that you don't get transfer from the drawings on the outside. This totally depends on the thickness of your paper. You could take this one further by drawing on a gift tag too with all the details on of who the gift is for.

Use your words

I think a really great way to decorate a present is with the person's name. You can easily see who it is for and you can totally go to town on the font. I used some lettering from my Creative Lettering and Beyond book, but if you are needing some ideas, look on font websites. They usually have previews of the font were you can type in to see how certain words look. You can type in the person's name and then choose your favourite and draw it on the front. Use some nice embellishments to like curvy lines and sprigs of holly.

You can also use your favourite Christmas phrases or song lyrics. I saw this really good idea online of someone who had put puzzles to complete on the wrapping which I thought was so creative, but only do that for the people who you think have the patients to complete it before unwrapping it.

These are just a couple of simple ideas you could try but you can be so creative with a pen, that I'm sure that you can come up with loads of more ideas. Even go old school and do some potato printing! If you DIY any wrapping this year, share your pics and ideas in the comments below or on twitter @prettyedu88.

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