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25 Days of Xmas - Day 16 - Christmas Nail Art

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Christmas time is the perfect excuse to have fun with some nail art. It's too cold to go outside and nights in sat watching the TV can be a bit boring if you have nothing to do. So while your sat watching your soaps or catching up on your favourite shows, why not give your nails a festive treat. The looks I have chosen don't require to much skill or tools, so you really don't have an excuse not to try them. To start off each look, your going to want to apply a coat of your favourite base coat and finish off each look with your go to top coat. I'll leave the name and links to the polishes I used but use whatever is in your collection.

Look 1 - Candy Cane Lane

I am all for the candy stripes at Christmas. You can do this with just simple red and white polishes, but of course, I had to add some shimmer and glitter. You can also freehand your stripes or use a striping brush, but for a clean finish, follow the method below.

Apply 1 coat of white nail polish. I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Ivory Skull (£2.55@Amazon), but any white will do. Don't worry if it isn't completely opaque as long as you have a good wash of colour.

Apply stripes of nail art tape diagonally on the nail, spacing them evenly. Any tape will do as long as it is not too sticky to pull off your base coat.

Apply 1 coat of a shimmery cranberry red shade. I used OPI's You Only Live Twice, which is unavailable, but OPI's Red Fingers and Mistletoe is a good dupe (£8.95@Nail Polish Direct)

Once dry, to intensify the colour more, add 1 coat of a red glitter on top. I used Essence the gel Nail Polish in Hey,Love! (£1.60@Wilko). Peel off the tape immediately to get crisp edges and leave to dry, before adding a top coat. Don't worry if they are a little messy, the top coat will even it out.

Look 2 - Snow Globe

I love this simple idea of a lovely night sky with falling snow, it reminds me of the inside of a snow globe. I used a dot tool, but you could easily free hand it with the polish brush, or make your own dotting tool using a rubber and and the head of a pin. A used up biro works great too!

Apply 1 coat of an inky blue nail polish. I love this Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Nightwatch (£6.95@Nail Polish Direct) as you only need one coat to get a good wash of colour, but an good one coaters will do.

Apply 1 coat of a shimmery dark blue. I used Sinful Color's Hot Spot, which you can get in certain Boots stores. A good alternative is OPI's Miss Piggy's Big Number (£5.95@Nail Polish Direct).

Next I applied one coat of a pearlescent glitter polish. Any of those flaky style polishes would do but I used Maybelline's Flash Cosmic (£0.99@FragranceDirect).

Then take a white polish (I went with my Sally Hansen Ivory Skull again), and using the large end of a dotting tool, apply dots all over the bottom of you nail to look like snow on the ground.

Finally, using both the large end and the smaller end of a dotting tool, place dots in the sky area of the nail, mixing them together to look like falling snow. If you only have a dotting tool with one end, the dots will get smaller as less polish is on it. When dry, finish with a top coat to smooth out the look.

I hope you have a go at recreating these two looks, or even come up with some of your own. Share yours with me in the comments or on twitter @prettyedu88.

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