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25 Days of Xmas - Day 17 - Snow Days

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As anyone who lives in England knows the idea of snow is one that we don't really know about very well. This is not to say that we never get snow - was it not last year that we were totally unprepared for the snow that came? I don't think I have ever seen a White Christmas and while it would be nice to, I don't think it would be nice to the next day when you have to try and get back to normal in it. We generally tend to get snow after Christmas in January/February, that kinds of time and the UK is totally not prepared for it. We are pretty good with being prepared for most weather in UK but snow is not it. This however does not mean that I do not have any snow memories. So here are a couple of my snow memories.

School Snow Day

I don't ever recall having many snow days while I was at school, Primary or High. But I do remember my first snow day at Primary school. This was before the internet really kicked in so the only way you could find out whether your school was closed was either to turn up and find out, or to listen in on the radio and this is where we found out. I played out in the snow ALL DAY. I literally think I had breakfast, went out, came back for lunch, then went out again till tea time. We built a snow man in the front or back yard and then the school that is just across from my house, but not the one I went to, was closed as well, so I went with my next door neighbour to the school field, which was snow crazy and we had a snowball fight. I think these are the best sort of snow days because it had everything in that you could do with snow!

In Work Snow Day

The school I use to work out is at the top of two very steep hills, so it is some fun to try to get to work on a snow day. This wasn't just any snow day. This was the kind of snow that when the snow freezes and you have to play lets see who can get up the hill without falling down. My usual route to work was a no go because I couldn't walk that way, so I had to go the long way round and I am proud to say that this is the reason I was ever late and the only time I was ever late for work (about 10 minutes but I kind feel a bit of rebel for it). The hill was a nightmare and I'm still not sure how I got up it. It ended up being shut the next day because a car had slid down it and crashed. Getting back down the hill was a hoot and a half too. It was a really weird day at work because a lot of the children couldn't get in, so it ended up being a fun day. Around the same time, I think this was while I was off work on break not a snow day, but we needed to get food and we couldn't get down the hill, because I live on a hill too, because it was so icey. They NEVER grit the roads around here and a car again had skidded at the bottom of the hill. So me and my Dad had to walk to the nearest supermarket in the snow and ice. We had to go the long back route to get there which I haven't been down in ages, because the main paths were just too slippy and hilly.

What are some of your snow day memories? I would love to hear them in the comments or @prettyedu88.

Photo: Hide Obara @ Unsplash

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