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25 Days of Xmas - Day 18 - Last Minute Stocking Fillers

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I love a good stocking! I have had the same stocking since I was a child and some of my favourite gifts are the little inexpensive ones that you get in stockings. Some put their stockings at the end of the bed, but ours have always been sat next to our gifts under the tree. I think stockings are a great way to give people a few nice little bits, that don't have to cost a lot. Check out my earlier 25 Days of Xmas posts, where I made a stocking, which would be perfect to add a few little gifts in, but here is a list of some great last minute stocking fillers. All of them are under £10 (a lot are under £5) and I've tried to go with things that are easy to get and are not just Christmas related.

Beauty Stocking Fillers:
Being a lover of beauty, I couldn't help but go with this first and the majority of people would love a little beauty gift in their stocking.

Nail Polish: My pick would be the Barry M Speedy range in Eat My Dust, Road Rage and Pit Stop all £3.99 online or at Boots and Superdrug or Essence in the shades Play With My Mint, On Air or Girl's Best Friend all £1.60 at Wilko.

Lipstick:Try and get one of their faves, but my pick would be the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick (I love the shade Notting Hill Nude) £6.49 or the Lasting Finish Lipsticks £5.49 (I love the shade 03).

Eyeshadow Palettes:MUA and Make Up Revolution have some of the best palettes, inexpensive but fantastic quality. At MUA I love the Trio Eyeshadow Palette in Innocence £2.50, whilst top of my want list is the Pro Palette in Romantic Efflorescence £4, but you can't go wrong with the classic Heaven & Earth Palette £4 (all Superdrug). Make Up Revolution musts are the Redemption Iconic range but I would love the Iconic Elements Palette all £4 at Superdrug.

Travel Minis:You can pick up a lot of travel mini's quite cheeply or you can split up a bigger gift set. They are always super handy and not just for travelling. A dry shampoo mini like Batiste Dry Shampoo £1.50 at Superdrug, would be perfect to throw in a handbag for anyone (The full size are on offer at the moment too!). Pick ones in brands that they have wanted to try, it's a great way to be introduced to a product, without wasting a big size if you don't like it. This I Love Bubble Bath Festive Edition gift set is great to split between friends and comes in great scents like Chocolate and Orange or Cherry Almond Sparkle £4 at Superdrug (I split these between my co-workers last year!). The Body Shop are great for some little minature sizes and their Starwberry scent is a go to for me, as well as their Lip Balm in Satsuma, whilst Soap&Glory mini's will always go down a treat.

Lush Bath Treats:Why not choose someone a Lush Bath treat that they can open and use in their Christmas Day Bath! My go to last year was the Golden Wonder £3.95, which has an amazing secret explosion inside, whilst this year I have gone for the Frozen Bath Bomb £3.95, which I can't deny is partly due to the fact that I love the film. For something a bit more classic and longlasting, go for the bubble bars in The Comforter £4.95 or Candy Mountain £2.95.

Music and Gadget Stocking Fillers:
While people assume these are more expensive and main present focused, there are some great stocking fillers that all music and tech lovers will adore.

Buy Their Next Download: Whilst you could pop in a gift voucher, these tend to be more expensive in price value, so why not get crafty on the computer and make a gift token which you will honor, giving them their next single download for free, or an album to a certain value. Singles vary in price, but you can always stick a £1 on the back and that should more than cover it.

Spotify Playlist or Mix CD:This one is so good cause it's free! Head on to Spotify and make someone their perfect playlist. You could fill it with their favourite Christmas songs, or even a review of the year. You can again get handy with the computer and make a little card with either the name of the playlist and the track list in, or even make a free QR Code which links to the tracklist. You can even design a little cover art. Alternatively, if you want something physical, what is wrong with a good old fashion mix CD. If you wanted to step it up a techy notch, do a mix usb stick instead, as these are quite inexpensive for smaller file size ones and they can re use it. An Integral 8GB one is only £4 at Wilko, so they could listen to music for days!

Tech Accessories:Phone and Tablet cases make great stocking fillers, but some can be rather pricey, so it might take a bit of searching to get a good one. I've always headed to New Look for mine. This Purple Heart Glitter iPhone 6 Case has me written all over it (I just need the iphone 6 now!), whilst this Star Wars zip univeral tablet case for £7 at Wilko is perfect as the new movie had just come out. Screen protectors whilst may seem boring, are a life saver for those who put caseless phones nexts to keys in bags! You know who you are!

Great Gadget Extras:There are some really fun little gifts for those who like their technology. Extra tech cords go down a treat if it's currently 1 per household and can even be picked up on the £1 shop. My sister is a keen photographer, so I picked her up a clip on camera set lense for her phone from Marks&Spenser but a lot of other shops sell similar. This USB Light from Wilko, £3, is perfect for those who love taking their laptop to bed, whilst chargeable power banks are great for those who go out with a red battery and can charge on the go. These can range in price from inexpensive plain ones, but if you pay a little extra, you can get some nice patterns to. TKMaxx is great for things like that. One of my past favourite gifts was a Kitsound Mini Buddy Speaker £9.99. These are not only cute, but the sound quality is great and they are rechargeable, so perfect for any music lover.

Stationary Stocking Fillers:
Everyone knows a stationary lover. I myself am one, so it my sister and so if my friend. This is a great category for stocking fillers.

Notebook: Everyone loves a good notebook. If you are like me, you buy really pretty ones that are just too pretty to use. TKMaxx is great for random stationary and they have a lot of American branded stationary too. Paperchase is also a great place to pick up some cute designed notebooks, whilst I also find local gift shops are great too. Character notebooks are great for those who like a certain film, tv or comic book character. I love anything Hello Kitty, whilst this Where's Wally pack of 3 For £7.99 from Asos, would be perfect for my sister!

Sticky Notes:Who doesn't need sticky notes, they are the most useful things in the world. You can get them in all patterns and designs. For those who like something a bit funny these Paperchase Toasty Notes £3 in the shape of slices are toast are really great. For the traditionalist, this Multi-Colour Sticky Pack £3.00 for 7 at Paperchase is a winner. For those who love something a bit cheeky, the brand Ohh Deer have some really funny quote post it notes. And for someone who uses an array of different sticky notes this Patchwork Heart set £5, has every possible type and size they could need.

Memo Blocks:I am a big fan of the memo block. I have one sat next to me on my table that I got a couple of Christmases back that I use all the time and have hardly made a dent in it - I think they multiply. They are so handy for grabbing a piece of paper to write a note or a list on. This Floral design £4.50 from Paperchase has 750 sheets in, so even if you used one a day, your going to get a good 2 years out of it! This Botanica one for £2 from Wilko's has a handy holder.

Others: Pens and pencils always go down well as everyone needs them. I love finding novelty paperclips too. Stickers and Washi Tape are great for crafters. You can pick up some DVDs and TV Box sets for under £10, even £5 now (I got my sister the first season of New Girl for £5). Whilst never underestimate the power of a selection box or Terry's Chocolate Orange!

I think I've covered a lot of people in this last minute stocking fillers guide, but I would love to know what your picks are too! Leave them in the comments or tweet me some ideas @prettyedu88.

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