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25 Days of Xmas - Day 19 - Christmas Party Games

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I am an avid game player - by that I mean board games and games you play. It pains me that most of my family are not up for board games most of the time, but Christmas is one of those times when they cannot refuse me (I don't go as far as to threaten crying but you know, if it works!).

If your going to a Christmas party this season, you might be involved in some game playing. Or if your throwing a party, a good idea might be to have some games planned as entertainment. It really gets everyone together, having fun and it is a great way to enjoy a family day together. So I've put together a list of a few games that you might enjoy playing this Christmas. Some might need a bit of organising, but it will be worth it.

Christmas Pass The Present

Ok, so this is basically a play on pass the parcel, but add the word Christmas and it makes it that little bit different, right? And while I realise this is a kids game, with a few tweaks, we have an adult version (ish!). For this, you first need to grab a main, big present for the middle. Try to keep it gender neutral if possible, if not, do a men and women's one. It could be edible, or you could even get something nice from the Christmas ranges, or do a 3 for 2 like they have in Boots. And if you wanted a more adult version, you could even go for a bottle of wine or a nice treat like that. It's totally up to you what goes inside. Next, you need to get layering by wrapping it as many times. I would go with cheap wrapping paper as it is only going in the bin. If you don't want to waster wrapping paper though, newspaper is great too.

For each layer, you are going to want to pop in a Christmas based trivia question. You can do them from knowledge or google it and you will get a ton of them. If the person gets the question right, you could have a box of Christmas chocolates which they could pick a couple as a prize, or you could wrap you some small little treats, which they can lucky dip from. You could do a mix of great one and silly ones, just like crackers. If they get the question wrong, you can throw it out to everyone else. Once you have as many layers as you like, and you could really go to town with them (I would love if someone did something like 50), you just need to grab a Christmas tune and get everyone in a circle. If you wanted to take part, you could have a timer and stop the track when the time goes, or type pass the parcel music into youtube!.

Whose the best Santa challenge!

I can see this on being totally fun. If only a few people want to take part, this is perfect, as everyone else can be judges or just spectators to the amusement. A must for this is a Santa hat for anyone taking part. You will need to set up a few rounds and either go for a final score, or eliminate people as they go along. Rounds can include:

  • Who can wrap a present the best or the quickest (you can either use boxes to wrap or get things that or really awkward shapes or better yet, get them to actually wrap your own presents - one less for you to do)
  • Who has the best Santa laugh
  • Who can make the best Santa costume (you could do this as a play of toilet paper brides or get some cheap red material)
  • Match the present to the receiver (this is good for family)
  • Who can eat and drink a mince pie and glass of milk the quickest (safety first!)

You can make or print out paddles like the Strictly judges and your spectators can judge. You could get a Christmas mug for the overall winner!

Christmas Present Hunt

I do realise a lot of these are festive editions of regular games aka games with Christmas words stuck in, but who doesn't love a festive edition. This is a great one for kids but I bet you adults and teens will love it just as much. Again, to start this, you are going to need a prize. A great idea for this is edible gold coins, as they look just like treasure. Get yourself a nice festive box or tin and fill it with golden treasure. Next, you are going to want to select a final hiding place. Make it a good one and somewhere it isn't likely to be disturbed easily or get damaged. Remember, the UK loves an out of nowhere rain shower, so only put outside if it is well covered in it's hiding place.

Now your going to want to come up with some clues. You don't have to make them overly complex or rhyme, so long as they lead from a to b. I would choose 10 as a maximum. If you are doing this with adults, you might want to put a little puzzle to solve at each stage to get the clue, to make it a little bit more tricky. You could do wordsearches, cut up images to rearrange to show a picture of where the next clue is (think of that Big Bang Theory episode with the scavenger hunt!). If you really wanted to go all out, you could do it in and around your neighbourhood or town, so long as it doesn't disturb anyone. Split people up into teams or pairs and let them go. Just make sure that you put all the clues in the right order!

Christmas Trivia Quiz

I know in the first idea we had trivia questions, but if you wanted to do a quiz alone, you could really do a quiz! The first thing you are going to need are your festive questions. You could simply type them up on paper and get people to answer them, but I think with technology, we really can do one better. You could have so many different rounds and you can utilise your computers presentation software to do it. Have a picture round with Christmas images relating to your family, or cut out part of movie stills and get them to guess what movie they come from (you could put quotes alongside them). For a music round, you could play a couple of seconds of a song for them to guess or do some missing lyrics they have to fill in. If you wanted a clip round, you could take clips from movies, or your favourite TV Christmas special, then get them to answer questions about it or do a what happens next. The possibilities really are endless, you can personalise it to the people you are with and you can set it all up in advance, before streaming it through your TV.

I would love to know if you play any of these games, or if you have any games traditions with your family. Let me know in the comments below!

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