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25 Days of Xmas - Day 2 - Christmas Calendars

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For the first time this year I will not be having the usual chocolate advent calendar. And, for the first time this year, I will be having two advent calendars!

The first advent calendar I will be using is the Tanya Burr Deck The Hauls Advent Calendar. This is a 12 days calendar, so I am going to be opening it every other day. I have never had a beauty calendar before and though it is something I would have liked, I just couldn't justify the price, even though most times you got a massive saving. But I just felt I wouldn't use all of the products and they tended towards red tones lipsticks and nail varnish which isn't me. However, I am a massive fan of Tanya and the quality of her products are amazing, so I couldn't pass it up. Her lipglosses are some of my go to shades and as you know, when I find a product I like, I buy it in multiples, so I have 5 shades! I also have her Hollywood Eye Palette, which is just stunning and the Candy Glam Palette. I'm not gonna lie, I do know what is inside because it does say on the back, though you don't know what they look like. But I had to order mine from Superdrug because they don't stock Tanya's products in mine and it was squished into a box it was too big for and the packaging was damaged. Luckily it was just the opening at the top and bottom and not the doors, but I had to take the inside out to make sure the products haven't slipped. If you haven't opened it, your in for a treat and I am impressed with the shades. I don't know what is behind what door, so I am still in for a surprise.

As I am writing this well in advanced, I hope I have this finished by now (I have thank God!), but I am making a knitted advent calendar. This pattern is taken from the magazine "Let's Knit" and while I haven't followed it completely to tee, it does look the same too. The good thing is you get to put your own treats in, so I could put some other beauty bits in, but I think I would miss a sweety advent calendar. Plus, the little buckets are big enough for more than one treat, so in theory, you could share with another member of your family, but really, like that is going to happen. I have put a Miniature Hero in each (which are quite frankly massive so really don;t go with the name!)and a Maoam fruity bar in each.

What advent calendars have you gone for this year? Let me know in the comments or @prettyedu88 on twitter.

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