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25 Days of Xmas - Day 20 - Christmas Telly Picks

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Can you believe it is only 4/5 days till Christmas Day? That is just insane to me. The one good thing about it however, is that this weeks starts the trend of lot of super, fabulous Christmas TV. I'm a sucker for Christmas TV, I won't lie. I love watching all my festive soaps, even if it is miserable every year (I was saying this to me Dad, but if they were actually happy, I think people would moan it was boring!). I love the annual Christmas editions of regular shows, but I also love the one off Christmas specials. So I've compiled a list of some of the highlights of the Christmas schedule, so either set your boxes to record them or make a note and get them on demand after the big day.

Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special
(BBC 1 / 6.15pm / Christmas Day)

I am an avid Strictly viewer and have watched every season since it started. The final was just last night and while I have recorded it to watch the dances later, I know who won and I'm happy with the winner, although any of the finalist were great with me. I love the Christmas ones, especially this years as they have past winners and contestants on it. I have applied for tickets for 2 years for the Blackpool Show, so I hope next year is the year I finally get some! I'm looking forward to seeing Harry and Tom dancing again.

Call The Midwife
(BBC 1 / 7.30pm / Christmas Day)

I have watched Call The Midwife since it started and it never fails to disappoint. It is one of those shows that anyone can watch, can be sad but funny at the same time, has an amazing cast and is just good telly viewing. Even though it isn't on a Sunday yet, it is one of those perfect Sunday night dramas and it always has everyone talking the next day. Being a big Miranda fan, it is also another plus point for me.

Downton Abbey
(ITV / 8.45pm / Christmas Day)

I love Downton Abbey and whilst some of the past Christmas special haven't been the most riveting, this one will certainly be something special, as it is the last ever one. I'm really sad that it is ending, but it is always better to go out on a high, than get stale and old. I really hope that Edith gets her happy ending in the Christmas special as I think she was far more deserving than Mary was in the last episode before this. Hopefully there will be no projectile blood in this one - that scared the crap out of me and wouldn't be very festive!

Other Christmas Day mentions:
I will be watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special, but as I am really not the biggest fan of the latest Doctor and the current run of episodes, it's not a priority. I'll be keenly watching the soaps for some juicy storylines and I have to add a quick mention to Mrs Brown's Boys, as having an Irish father, it is one of his favourites and I know it is very marmite, but it makes me laugh.

(BBC 1 / 7.00 & 8.30pm / Boxing Day)

This is a brand new show this Christmas and I really love the concept as it is very Once Upon A Time. It is a re-imagining of the stories by Charles Dickens but all the tales and characters are connected together. It sounds fantastic and I really hope it lives up to the premise.

Peter & Wendy
(ITV / 8.00pm / Boxing Day)

Strangely well timed on Boxing Day is also ITV's Peter & Wendy, which if you can guess from the title, is based on the Peter Pan lore. This is another re-imagining of a classic, with the character Lucy (aka, Wendy), being a patient at Great Ormond Street Hospital, which has a connection to Peter Pan as the rights to all the Peter Pan novels was left to the hospital by J.M.Barrie, the author. I love modernised versions of classic, like Sherlock, and as Pan, the movie which was released earlier this year, was a bit of a let down, I am hoping this will be much better. Stanley Tucci is playing Captain Hook, which I can't wait to see.

(BBC 1 / 9.00pm / New Years Day)

While we are jumping ahead, I could not leave this out! I remember watching Sherlock when it first started and being fascinated by this classic tale being modernised and being done so well. Fast forward and now we are fascinated by a classic that has been modernised, being made classic again! I think it will be really interesting to see how the characters are back in their normal time and if they are different or not. But as Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are both fantastic actors, I can imagine they will be just as good in this. There is a little bit of me though that would love a new series of the modern day Sherlock. I'm going to plant a little annoyance in your head now - does anyone else think that Benedict Cumberbatch sounds like Sideshow Bob in The Simpsons? Try watching it now knowing that!

Those a just a few of my favourite picks for the next few weeks, but hopefully they will be just as good as always and the new shows be as good as expected. I'd love to know your picks from the upcoming schedule, so leave me a list of what you won't be missing in the comments below.

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