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25 Days of Xmas - Day 21 - Essence Christmas Stocking Prize

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I was very lucky last week to win a prize with the make-up brand Essence. I have been a huge fan of the brand, even before they came to the UK, thanks to having a very lovely friend in Germany who sent me some products. So now it is in the UK, I am a happy bunny and often can't past their stand in Wilko's without popping a nail varnish in my basket (at £1.60 they are a bargain!). I wasn't expecting my prize to arrive before Christmas, but I was treated to a lovely parcel from them this morning and when they say stocking, they mean a stocking. I am so so happy with what I received and know I will be using nearly every one of the products I get. But you don't want to listen to me twaddle on, you want to see what was inside right?

What a treat right! I have tried their nail varnishes and lipsticks before, but a lot of the other products are brand new to me, so I can't wait to get them on my face lol But I have a little first impressions for each of them.

I received two lipsticks. The first one is the Long Lasting formula in the shade 03 Dare to Wear. As you know, I have a bit of a phobia of red lipsticks, even though I think I probably have a good hair colour / skin tone combo for them. In Sheer & Shine formula, I got the shade 04 Hidden Secret, which is a lovely nude! I actually bought the 02 shade the other day. Both these lipsticks just glide on, but I think I'll be getting a lot of wear from the nude shade as it's me in a lipstick and is perfect for everyday just to add a hint of colour.

I received two face products and I must admit, I haven't tried any of the face products before. But after getting these, I'll be picking up some! I recieved a Silky Touch Blush in the shade 20 Babydoll and it was like this was made for me. It is my favourite tone of blusher, a lovely coral pink shade with a hint of shimmer. And it is smooth to the touch, like the name suggests. I also got a Mosaic Compact Powder in 01 Sunkissed Beauty. I think this is suppose to be a bronzer, but I see it as more of a golden highlighter for the cheeks. The pattern on this is beautiful.

I actually bought my first Essence lip liner the other day in the pencil format, so I was so pleased to get on of the wind up ones, as they don't sell them in my Wilko's. This is the Longlasting Lip Liner in 08 Girl Next Door and again, this was made for me! It is a beautiful nude and I have a lot of lipsticks that will go with this. I also got a Waterproof Eyeliner pen in 01 Black. I have had a few pens like this in the past and not been too impressed, this one might change it for me. It wasn't too patchy or dry and made a nice strong line. I can't wait to try this on the eye to see how it lasts.

Again, I haven't tried any of the Essence eyeshadows but these two palettes are right up my street. The first is a Smokey Eyes set in 01 Smokey Night and the second is Quattro Eyeshadow set in 05 To Die For. I personally don't think you can ever have enough everyday shades and smokey eye colours, so I am going to get a lot of use out of these, particularly the Quattro. They were so buttery soft to swatch. The Smokey set had super pigmentation.

Finally, I received some false eyelashes in 05 Natural. I have yet to master or try false lashes, but I got some in my Tanya Burr calendar, so I really want to try giving them a good. I got a I Love Extreme Volume Waterproof Mascara in Black. This has my favourite kind of wand, nice and chunky! Finally I got two nail polishes. I got one of their The Gel Nail Polish in 53 Rock My World. Grey is about the only shade of nail polish I don't really own, so I'll give this a go. The other is an Electric Feather Effect Nail Polish in 18 That's My Pop Cake. This just screams festive Christmas nails!

I am so grateful for everything I was gifted by Essence. I was having a really funky day and this just cheered me right up when I won this and was the start of lots of positive things that happened after that. I can't wait to give them all a good proper go.

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