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25 Days of Xmas - Day 22 - Last Minute Christmas Gifts

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I would like to think that I am fully prepared for Christmas each year and generally I am. But then comes a situation out of nowhere, where you find yourself without a gift for someone. Maybe you forgot someone off your carefully crafted gift present list, maybe somebody you never expected to get a gift from turns up with one for you (you shouldn't be annoyed but you are), or maybe you are just one of those people who leave everything to the last minute. Never fear, for here are some great ideas for some last minute gifts that will get you out of any tricky situation.

Biscuit Parcels

No one in their right mind would ever turn down a delicious edible gift. So why not get your bake on and bake some delicious Christmas cookies. You could go with some festive shaped sugar cookies or go for a classic with some gingerbread (I'll be sharing my gingerbread tomorrow!). To start with, grab some cellophane. You could either go for clear wrap or something with a pattern for Christmas. If you can't find it in a local card shop, try craft shops or Hobby Craft sells a wide variety. Cut a square that is wide enough to cover over the biscuits and a bit extra. Place a stack of the biscuits in the middle of the cellophane neatly on top of each other. Next, cut a length of whatever you would like to tie it with. You could use fabric ribbon, wrapping ribbon or even some candy stripe twine. Then gather all the cellophane up and around the biscuits to a neat point at the top. Top tip: Use an elastic band to hold it together, so that you can easily wrap you choice of tie around without it falling apart - you can cut it off after. Before tying your bow, grab a gift label and write a nice message, before placing it onto your tie. Tie a lovely bow and your done.

For some added extra decoration, you could put some chunky glitter in with the biscuits or even edible glitter. You could also use a couple of different ties together. For the biscuits, you could vary the size when baking and put your stack from biggest to smallest in the parcel to look like a tree, the possibilities are endless.

Gift Cards

People seem to have a stigma against gift cards as being a lazy present, but to me, if I got a gift card for something I love like Netflix or Books, I would be really happy. There are so many variety of gift cards available that you can really go to town. My local hairdressers and beauty bars do gift cards too, so if you know someone likes having their nails or hair done, these could be a great option or a treat for someone who might not have had their nails done professionally. Vouchers for Afternoon Tea are also a nice option because you can take someone with you and have a nice day out that you will remember for ages (and it's a cheeky way of getting an invite too!).

To jazz it up a bit, you can really go to town with the wrapping. A great idea is to a buy a nicely decorated box or tin to wrap it in. I always find a way to reuse these, either for other peoples gifts or for storage boxes. Inside put some shredded paper and chunky sequins before placing the voucher in the middle. Pop you lid and tie it up with some bow and a gift tag.

Scent Gorgeous

Perfume or Aftershave is a really good last minute gift because more often than not, people do have a favourite scent that they like. While some are reasonably priced, some perfumes can be expensive, so you could always opt for a smaller size or even a handy roller ball. If you know what kind of scents they like, you could always pick them something new. It is a bit of risk, but I love getting perfumes I've never tried before. My favourite place for a good perfume gift is Next because the quality of their scents are so good and they are not expensive at all. They also do a lot of different sizes, including handbag friendly ones, as well as candle and room diffusers. The bottles are really nice too and look really expensive. My favourite is this Seven Scent Wardrobe, where you get 7 10ml bottle of 7 of their different fragrances for only £20. You could split these up as little stocking fillers, or give them to one person to try with a next voucher to buy a full size of one of them. The packaging is beautiful too! Just please don't go sniffing people to see what scent they might be wearing - it could get weird. Boots also do a similar gift set where you get samples of branded perfumes and aftershaves, with a voucher for a full size.

Picture Perfect

Everyone loves a lovely picture and Christmas is the perfect time to gift them one. If you have a really nice picture of you and the person you want to gift it to, then why not print it out and give it to them. You can either get some photo paper and print it out at home, or places like Boots have photo machines you can print them out on. Then all you need is a beautiful frame to put it in. Place like TKMaxx have a wide variety of one off frames.

Day Of Fun

This one is really good on a lot of levels because not only do you get to enjoy it with them, but the thought behind it is really good. Planning a day out is a really great because you can pack your favourite activities all into one day and it is something to remember and treasure the memories of forever. You can either book things in advance or just put it together as a plan for the future. Pick out a place you can go for lunch/dinner and an activity you can do together. Shopping days for that girlfriend who loves to shop or a day out in the countryside with a picnic and a visit to a national trust place for the outdoorsy kind. Book some tickets to a concert or theatre show for a music lover, just make sure you know they have the day free. For a sports fan, grab a pair of tickets to their sport of choice (again checking dates) or plan an activity day at a local sporting centre or outdoor adventure place. The good thing about this is that you can totally work to your own budget and make it as simple or as extravagant as you wish.

I hope this has given you some last minute inspiration as the big day is only 2 days away (3 if you count it!).

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