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25 Days of Xmas - Day 24 - How To Survive Christmas Day

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Can you believe it is Christmas Eve already and I bet everyone is going to say that to you today. I do understand that Christmas Day is not like a zombie apocalypse, in spite of what the title might suggest! On the whole for most people, Christmas day goes by without a hitch and is a really lovely day. But when family is involved, sometimes things can be a bit - I want to say difficult. I am guilty of having family members that I don't get on with, but I am lucky that I don't have to spend the day with them, because they live in a different country (I hope that doesn't sound bad!). If my house was full of all my relatives, first there would hardly be any room and second, I think I might end up going a bit crazy. So here area few tips to surviving Christmas Day when all the relatives descend.

1 - Have a bit of me time

It is OK not to spend every minute of the day with everyone, which can sometimes be hard when there are a lot of people. But even ten minutes out can be a god send, so if you can find a little bit of peaceful content space in the house, do so. Go to your room for a little bit and take a little downtime just to flick through twitter or something like that. Take ten outside if it isn't too chilly and go for a walk around your neighbour. It can be really cool to go outside on Christmas day because it is one of those when there are not a lot of people around. You can take in everyones decorations and if you see someone, even if you don't know them, give them a Merry Christmas. If it gets desperate and every room is full, it might sound strange, but go to the bathroom. You can lock the door and just take a few minutes out. You'll feel better for it.

2 - Don't Argue Over the Remote

Though people would like to tell you that they don't watch TV on Christmas Day, I think viewing figures would tell you otherwise. I have mastered the art of TV scheduling, because they put everything on at the bloody same time. But with technology today, you don't need to worry about missing a show, with so many on catch up and you just know they will repeat it all anyway. So even if you really want to watch something, just for one day, give in. It saves the arguing and you'll still get to watch it anyway, plus you have one in the bank for next time you want to watch something.

3 - Try and be nice - even if it kills you

Like I said, I have relatives I don't get on with, but on the majority, most loves having their relatives around. But if there is a relative you don't get on with, for one day, try and put it aside. Wish them a Merry Christmas and smile, try and join in with them, but if you find yourself getting annoyed, try tip 1 or if you are trying and they just don't seem to be, stay away and be with relatives who actually enjoy your company. You'll have a better day anyway and just remember, it's one day.

4 - The meal time

The Christmas meal is quite an important part of the day, but is probably the most stressful too. I have never cooked a Christmas meal but I imagine it is an art that has been well perfected over the year. They say that too many cooks spoil the broth, but if you see whoever is cooking the meal needs help, offer it. It could be as simple as chopping up some veg and the help will be really appreciated. Ask if the table needs setting and that way, you get first dibs on who you get to sit next to (see tip 3). Don't moan if you end up sitting on that one chair that seems like it was made for a toddler and the table is Everest in comparison. Make sure to thank and compliment your chef for the day, even if something isn't quite to your taste (remember there is probably a yummy selection box ou can delve into afterwards). And I'm one to talk, but if there is a sprout, shovel it down and pray to Santa it stays down! Offer to clean up after, cause you never know, all this help might mean you get first dibs on the tv schedule.

5 - Present Giving

Though their is so much more to Christmas than the gift, it's no lie that we get and give gifts. And sometimes, even though you are incredibly greatful for the fact that you are in the position to recieve a present, there are the odd gift that leave you thinking WTF. But even if you really don't like it, don't say it - be thankful and say you can't wait to use it. Don't add in too much detail because that just looks fishy! You can always donate it after Christmas to charity or someone who will get use out of it. And don't worry if someone doesn't like something you've got them even if you think you are the best at gift giving - you can't always get it right.

My biggest tip for the day is no matter what is thrown at you (I remember there was a massive power cut when I was younger so people with electric ovens couldn't cook their dinners!), this day is once a year, so enjoy the heck out of it in any way you can. It might be the one day a year that you only get to see certain relative so take full advantage of it. It might be the one day of the year that you have a certain tradition, so remember that and be grateful of it. And even after all this you're still left thinking help me, remember that it is one day - come December 26th your done! But I hope each and everyone of you have the most incredible Christmas Day, no matter how you spend it and no matter what relative drives you so insane that the Christmas tree is looking more and more like a good thing to hit them with!

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