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25 Days of Xmas - Day 3 - Christmas 1989 DIY Card

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Lets have a good, old fashioned rewind in time back to when I was a little girl in Primary school. When I was young, there were certain members of our family that we always made homemade cards for - it was like a little tradition. It usually involved red and green card, Christmas stencils, Christmas sequins, gold and silver pens and a heck of a lot of glitter glue. And I mean a lot!

Flash forward and to be honest, I don't make homemade Christmas cards anymore when they are so easily bought in the shop, which is something that I do miss. I have a lot of card making things, being a crafter, and sadly they do tend to just sit there. But not anymore.

I am going to share with you an easy and simple Christmas card idea that will hardly cost you anything and match up to some of those expensive looking cards in the shops. You won't need to buy anything complicated to make them, as most likely, you'll have everything you need at home. Being a huge Taylor Swift fan and thinking a lot of you are, you might have been given a little hint to the inspiration behind this Christmas card.

Christmas 1989

This card was inspired by Taylor Swift's 1989 album, which came with little fake Polaroids. This is a really simple one and it is really personaliseable (is that a word!). For this card you will need:

  • Christmas Photo (Either take your own or pick one up online).
  • Photo editing app (or photo editing software on your computer).
  • Printer
  • Photo Paper
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Colour Card of your choice (optional).
  • Mini clothes peg or paper clip (optional).

Grab a Christmas picture. You can either take a picture that your already have, take a picture on your phone or grab something from online. I choose a lovely snowy from Unsplash. If you really want to go 1989, grab an Xmas jumper and take a pic of yourself just like Taylor on the front cover.

If you photo isn't on your phone or tablet already, then do that. You can email it to yourself, but you can always transfer it across or simply save from your phones web browser. I have photo editing software but I'll decided to do it using the photo editing app Aviary, which is free.

Using your app/software crop your photo square, if you haven't already taken a square image.

Next thing you need to do is to add a filter of your choice. The pictures in Taylor's album look like they have a sepia warm toned filter, but is totally personal preference. I more often than not use Clyde, which I did here.

Taylor's pictures also had a slight blur to soften them, so add that if you like. Use the focus tool on radial to do this.

Next you need to add your frame. I chose the Aura frame but other photo editing apps do have Polaroid frames. Don't worry though as we can fix this easily when printed.

Add anything else you want at this point before saving the image. In the saving options I emailed the picture to myself as I don't have a wi-fi enabled printer. You could add some text if you wish but I am adding this by hand later.

Then follow your printer instructions to print your image onto 6x4 photo paper. I used glossy photo paper which I easily picked up cheaply in the £1 shop, but you could opt for matte if you wanted. NOTE: Make sure to preview anything you print and you might have to switch your settings up a bit. When you print it off you should be left with a nice border around your image so make sure to deselect any borderless printing options.

Trim down your image till it looks like a Polaroid. Mine has a 5mm border on all edges apart from the long one, but play it by sight and remember, chop off a little at a time, as you can always cut more off if needed.

The next step is optional, but if you don't have plain backed photo paper, or you want it a bit more sturdy, stick it on a card colour of choice and cut it out.

Using a sharpie (I went for black, but silver and gold would look great too!), write a message on the bottom. You could use a song lyric from a Xmas tune, or simply Merry Christmas. It doesn't have to be fancy or perfect!

Finally, write your message and to and from on the back. When sending the card, you could attach a mini peg or paper clip so that the reciver can hang it up.

I think these are really great alternative to tradition Christmas card and because you can personalise them, they are great for family and friends. I'd love to see if you kone, so if you do, let me know in comments or tweet me a picture @prettyedu88

Christmas Photo Scene by Aaron

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