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25 Days of Xmas - Day 6 - Decorations Past

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As we are decorating our tree today, I thought I would share with you some picture of decorations that we have had for years. Some of these I don't even remember which tells you how old they are. I do tend to pick some up every year in the Christmas sales, but generally, the ones we have we have had for a while as a family. We always decorate our tree on the first Saturday in December, so whenever that falls on the 1st we get a good long time with the tree. I love the decorating part the best.

This is my ornament that is personally mine. I do remember when I bought this and I got it in Boots I believe. My sister had a baby's first Christmas ornament that she got for her first Christmas, but I never got one. I can't remember what age I was but I believe I was in school when I picked this up. It has to be over 20 years old though and I still love it but I'm not going to lie, it's a branch weight.

This is one slightly odd coloured and sad looking Santa, but this decoration has to be even older than the other one and I'm pretty sure my older sister was in Nursery when we both made one of these, so I can't have been very old at all. I can't say we put this up anymore and I don't want to know how old the blu tack on the back of it is, but it is still nice to keep. Can I point out that what looks like dirt is actually the glue going funny!

This is the cutest Santa ever. He always sits right in the middle of our mantle piece above the fire. I remember buying this at a Garden Centre that we only ever went to at Christmas, because this place was bloody magical at Christmas. I hadn't been for a good 15 years+ but I actually went back there this year just after Christmas and I don't remember it ever looking the way it did. It was a bit sad cause most of the Christmas stuff had gone, but I would like to go before Christmas again.

This I believe was either from the same Garden Centre or it was off QVC because we knew someone who loved buying everything and anything off QVC. We have had this reindeer since I was in Primary school and I think it had stayed in pretty good shape. He always sits by the first looking at the TV so he can watch all the Christmas goodness.

These are not too old but I just wanted to share them with you as these are some decorations that I have knitted over the passed few years. I am pretty impressed with my Santa Clause despite the fact that he doesn't stand up the best.

What Christmas decorations are special to you? Share a picture with me @prettyedu88.

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