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25 Days of Xmas - Day 7 - Christmas Room Decor

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I love decoration my room at Christmas. It is something I believe I have done since I was in Primary School. We bought a new family tree, so we got the old one for our room and then after Christmas, we got this little mini one in the sales at Woolworths (who remembers that shop! Ours is a TKMaxx now!). This year I have added to the trees in my room with this one from ASDA. It is black, which I actually kind of love and what is good about it is that the lights are attached, so it is one less job and it was only £5. So let me take you on a tour of my Christmas decor. If anything is a recent purchase or still available, I will link to it.

Christmas Tree // Baubles - Same baubles but different colour // Star (Knitted by yours truly!)

The fairy on this tree is very old and she's not looking her best but she has been in our family ever since I was young. The baubles on this tree are not new, but they came from the £1 shop, Home Bargains, Tesco and Wilko.

I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but my prefered method of hanging tinsel is to shove it under the nearest heavy weight like a stack of books or DVD's. It does the job and then I constantly don't wake to tinsel falling in the night. Both my set's of lights are from Wilko's but most shops sell ones exactly the same.
LED Micro Lights // Ball Garland Lights

These snowflake chains are from Wilko's and I got them to go on my door but they weren't long enough, so they are on my window. On my shelf I have another set of lights from £1 shop. All my lights bar on set are battery operated, but the batteries are holding up quite well.

I'd love to see how you have decorated for Christmas, so either share your blog posts or pics in the comments below or on twitter @prettyedu88.

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