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Cheeky Bonus Post - Collective Haul

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I felt right in the mood to do a haul post today, as I have picked up a couple of things this last week, as well as a few bit in the Black Friday sales, so I thought I'd share with you what I got. Some of these are Christmas presents too, and thankfully the people they are for don't read my blog, I hope!

First off are some books from The Book People. You might not believe this, but this order came to just over £15, which I think is insane. They had 10% off for Black Friday I think, either that or 15% but it wasn't really much of a discount, only about £2. I really the like The Book People and first started getting into their books when they use to bring them to work. A lot of people's work have the Book People come in and I always got some nice bargains.

Only one of these is a present so I'll start with that. For my sister I picked up the Magical City colouring book. I really wanted to get one for my sister and hadn't seen any I liked in town, but this has the most beautiful pictures in. Funnily it has a colouring practice page, I never thought colouring was that hard. I got it for £2.70. For myself, I first picked up the Creative Lettering and Beyond book. I really want to learn modern calligraphy, as I love those style of fonts and this book is packed with so many interesting projects and seems really easy to follow. I picked it up for £3.59. Sticking with crafting I picked up the 20 to Make Christmas pack, which has 5 books with 20 projects each in knitting, felt decorations, crochet, pom-poms and sugar craft. I really didn't get crochet so I am hoping to try again, whilst the sugar crafting one looks so good. I only paid £3.60 for 5 books, but at £4.99 now it is still a bargain!

Next is baking and I picked up this gorgeous Gingerbread Wonderland book with all things gingerbread, which is like me in a book. Last year, I made 2 gingerbread houses. The first was epic and stayed up, whilst the second sadly fell pray to bad foundations! I am hoping to attempt it again for a post in my 25 days of xmas. I picked this up for £2.24 but I have also seen it in The Works if you want to pick it up in town. Lastly, as a mentioned in my November favourites, I picked up a copy of the book Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List, after watching the movie on Netflixs. I'll let you know how this goes and I picked it up for £3.59.

Next up are some items from Paperchase and TKMaxx. I am loving TKMaxx at the moment, especially their stationery section. I have to make myself walk past all the bags as I only just got a new one when I was on holiday but I saw a lovely Steve Madden one that had my name written all over it. I resisted and the two things I picked up were a Lily & Val 2016 Desk Calendar and a set of 3 notebooks by Eccolo. These are both a gift for my friend Sharon who adores stationary. Looking at the preview of the months on the back, the calendar looks just as beautiful inside and as she works in website design, I think she'll appreciate the create on the front of the notebooks. They both look to be American brands and I think American brands do fantastic stationary. The Calendar was £3.99 and the notebook set was £2.99. From Paperchase in the Black Friday sales, I picked up some cute glass baubles in a neutral mix to go on my new tree. I wanted the big box of 100 but they were sold out, so I picked up 2 boxes of 25 for I think £3.20 each. They had 15% off but they were not packaged the best considering they were glass. It didn't even say fragile on the parcel, but they all survived, so you'll get to see them up later on this week. I hope to Santa I don't manage to break any! These are sold out online but you can pick up the rainbow coloured version still.

Finally some clothes. Whilst shopping in town on Wednesday, I picked up this gorgeous t-shirt from New Look. Not gonna lie, it isn't t-shirt weather, but I have a bloody warm coat. This is a little see through so I would probably layer it, but it has a lovely beige marl texture and cute silver stripe detailing and was only £6.74. Dorothy Perkins had a great Black Friday deal with up to 50%, so I picked up 2 pairs of my favourite jeggings. I can't tell you how many DP jeggings I own and in how many colours. There Eden ones are my all time favourite and they wash and wash and still keep there colour. I picked up the Eden ones in Aubergine. I am still debating what colour these are as they are described as purple, but in some lights they look brown. I've been into red and burgundy jeggings for ages, so it is another for the collection and they were £14.00. I got them in Long as I think my leg length is somewhere between the long and tall section but they don't do an in between. In the tall I picked up a pair of the Frankie jeggings in Dark Khaki. The only difference between these are the Eden are these are zippered and the Eden are pull on. I am so into khaki and army green coloured trousers at the moment and I also have an eye on a pair from New Look. These were £15.40. I also got a smart grey pair of trousers but they were too tight and now I wish I had got these black jeggings that had a gold glitter in.

I hope you enjoyed this little haul and you can look forward to more posts in my 25 days of Xmas series. A sneak peak of tomorrow is the word DIY.

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