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What I Got For Christmas 2015

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Last year, I did a post showing you what I bought myself for Christmas! This year, as I am still waiting for one item, I'm going to delay that post a bit and instead, show you what I got for Christmas. Standard disclaimer: I am incredibly grateful for the presents I receive at Christmas and that I am fortunate to be in a position that I do get gifts. This is by no means a way of bragging or showing off. I love watching and reading other people's version of this because I like to be a little nosy and it's interesting hearing the stories behind the gifts.

The first thing I am going to share is this bag that I got from my sister. I was not expecting a bag at all and was really surprised to get one. I don't actually have a rucksack and that Aztec pattern on this is so me! I love the whole detailing and branding of this bag and it is such good quality and wasn't too expensive. It is by the brand Iris & Edie, which is a Debenhams brand which I have never heard of but will be looking at from now on. They still have this on the website, but they also have a shoulder bag in the same style which is calling out to me!

If you followed my 25 days of Christmas, you will know that I asked for both the Arrow Season 3 and Flash Season 1 boxsets, so I was very happy to unwrap these on Christmas day. To be honest, I kind of though I had gotten these are I think DVDs and CDs are the hardest things to disguise. Something I also asked for, was Anastacia's Greatest Hits. I grew up listening to Anastacia's music and this CD includes the song "Everything Burns" which was from the Fantastic Four soundtrack, which is one of my all time favourite songs.

In my stocking I had another gorgeous perfume from Next. I love Next perfumes because they smell amazing and are really affordable. I already have 5 of them but you can never have too many lol! I don't need anymore perfume now. This one is Velvet Bloom and is right up my street. I got a little gift set from the Body Shop in the Japanese Cherry Blossom Scent, which again is right up my street. I love the scent of Cherries and this smells good enough to eat. I also received two OPI polishes, one I had asked for and one I didn't but love. I asked for the Blue one in Give Me Space and I got a pink chunky glitter shade called Infrared-y to Glow, both from the latest holiday collection. I wore the blue one on Christmas day!

I got a lovely set of socks from Primark which are very me and I also got an Aztec print scarf. I like this scarf as it is like the one I already have in that it's a thin material rather than wool and you can wrap yourself up in it. I love a good Notebook and I got this lovely floral print one from Wilko's which has divided sections in. Fun fact: I actually got this for my sister for Christmas - we usually each year end up picking something for each other that is the same. My sister also got me some Love Hearts.

This year I actually got something which I already have! I got another copy of the Creative Lettering and Beyond book, so I gave my sister my original one. They have different covers whilst still being the same book.

From my sister I also got a set of make-up brushes and a Taylor Swift perfume set. My sister told me she realised she had bought the wrong brushes, cause I had pointed out the Real Techniques ones too her. But actually, the quality of these Make-Up Revolution brushes is really good. They are so soft and I did my shedding test, where I give the bristles a little tug to see if any come out and they didn't. I love the copper detailing and it has a good blending brush which I have been missing from my collection. I was going to get the Real Techniques set in the sale, but strangely Superdrug have put the price up after Christmas, rather than discounting it. I am a huge Taylor Swift fan and have her other perfumes, so it is nice to complete the collection. This smell delicious.

I hope you enjoyed a good peak into what I was gratefully gifted this year. I had an OK Christmas Day this year, but it just didn't feel very festive and the weather was absolutely awful. I've had a look at the sales and didn't really see anything this year, but I picked up a couple of things I had wanted, so I'll share them with you soon. I hope you all had an incredible Christmas and are looking forward to a happy new year.

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