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Boots.Com Make-Up Haul Pt.1

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The other day I did a cheeky little order to Boots.Com and I picked up some great new products. As I mentioned on twitter yesterday, your never sure if you are going to love things you order online, no matter how many swatches you google, but I am seriously IN LOVE with all the things I chose. There are a lot of great deals on at the moment, so I took advantage of some of them and got some really great discounts. While most of the products I have not tried before, I did pick up some new shades in products that I have tried and loved. But you don't want me to waffle on about it, you want to see what I picked out, right! Here is part 1, which are all lip products.

The first thing I picked up were another two of the Barry M Satin Super Slick Lip Paints. As you know, I have raved about these product previously as they are truly amazing, so I am not going to repeat myself again. I decided to go with two of the nude shades in 169 Mannequin and 167 Nuditude. Mannequin is very similar to the other nude shade I have in this collection called Truffle Shuffle, just darker, whilst Nuditude is a pale pinky peach nude. I adore both of these and think I might even love them more than the shades I already own! Formula - fantastic, colour - fantastic. The only shade I don't own is Peachy Keen, which is a vibrant coral shade. These are currently £1 off the normal rrp at £3.49, which is just insane for the quality, so I recommend anyone to pick some of these up.

The next product I picked up is one that I have been going back and forth on for ages, because I wasn't sure if the colour would suit me or not. But I just dived in and went for it, because I have heard so many good reviews of them. I picked up a Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil in the shade 630 Nude Perfection (can you see a name theme!). I am a big fan of chunky pencils for the lips, as the application is so easy and quick. I am very happy I picked this up as the shade actually really suits me. It is a more browner nude, but it goes on so smoothly, has great colour payoff and doesn't feel dry or chalky like some more matte products do. I can see me using this so much. If I were to pick up any more of these, I think I would go for Minimalist and Love My Pink. These are £4.99 normally, but I got mine half price on buy one get one half price, which is still on at the moment on selected Maybelline products.

Next in my quest to perfect lip liners, I picked up the ever popular Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in 063 Eastend Snob. I actually wanted two liners, but the other one from L'Oreal was out of stock. I again had been back and forth on whether to pick this up cause I thought it looked too pink. But who wrong was I! When I tried it on, it is pink, but it is definitely a nude pink, not a bright pink tone. I think out of all the lip liners I have tried lately, this is my favourite. And because it is a twist up one and not a pencil, it is so smooth and easy to apply, and doesn't have that hardness that some pencils do. It just feels lovely on the lips and I think it looks really nice on it's own. Going on quality and colour alone, these are more than worth £3.99, in fact their a steal!

I hope you enjoyed part one so far! Coming up in part two we have quite a few products from Miss Sporty and a strange looking product from Maybelline, but all shall be revealed on Wednesday!

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