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DVD Haul - Doctor Who, Anime & More

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Being a bit of a TV and Film nut, a lot of my money goes on buying DVDs. I don't drink and I don't smoke, so this is my vice of choice instead and I constantly re-watch TV series and I personally have to re-watch things because I watch that much stuff I think some of it gets pushed out of my brain. A case in point I will soon explain. I got all these on Amazon, because it's to cold to go anywhere at the moment. I was so impressed with the service I got this time. I ordered on the Sunday and choose the free delivery option. Two came on the Monday and the rest on Tuesday.

Over the end of December and the beginning of January, I rewatched the first 7 seasons of Doctor Who. I cannot claim to have seen any of the original series from the 60's but I have seen all of the modern run and I love it. My main reason for rewatching it was to sort of rekindle my love for it because, and this is a bold statement that a lot of true Doctor Who purest might kill me for, but I really don't like Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and the stories of late have been really hard to follow. My favourite will always be David Tennant without a shadow of a doubt, but I also love Matt Smith's Doctor and sort of gain a new appreciation for him, because I realised watching his episodes I remembered nothing of them. Both of them could do the seriousness of it but they were funny and quirky too, which I think Peter's Doctor lacks. Anyway, rant over. I don't own any of the show on DVD and Netflix stops at Season 7, which misses off the 50th Anniversary (£5.83) and Matt Smith's last episode (£6.99 - Includes all his other 3 Christmas specials also), so I kind of wanted to finish my run, so I got both of them on DVD so I could feel complete. I really want to start collecting the rest of the series too. I have a bit of a thing about boxsets in that if I start on a show, I have to collect the rest. Who do you think would make a great next Doctor? I have someone in mind.

One of the things I started doing towards the ends of 2015 was branching out in Anime movies. I am a Studio Ghibli girl at heart, but as they are on a hiatus of sorts, I needed to get my fix somewhere else. The first I picked up was 5 Centimeters Per Second (£4.99) by Makoto Shinkai. I've seen a few of his films pop up on Amazon and I'm not going to lie, I judged a book by it's cover in being drawn to these. They are all quite a bit pricey apart from this one, so I thought I'd give this a shot first. It's only an hour long and is set in 3 chapters. I'm looking forward to watching it. The second I picked up was Tokyo Godfathers (£4.20), which was on a list I read of top anime films. This has a really interesting story in that three homeless people find an abandoned baby on Christmas Eve and try to find her parents whilst dealing with their own pasts. Finally, I don't class this as Anime but it was in that section on Amazon. Song of The Sea (£6.00) is an Irish animation and is based on an Irish folk legend. I'm part Irish, so this drew me too it, but it had amazing review too and I have watched this and can say they are so right. This film is one of those films that completely justifies the relevant of hand drawn animation, and is visually stunning, whilst having a stunning story.

To complete my haul is the latest Michael McIntyre DVD, Happy & Glorious (£6.49). Along with Peter Kay, Michael McIntyre is my favourite comedian. Both of them don't rely on being crude or swearing every other second to be funny and just talk about real life, which is my favourite kind of comedy. Having only watched it once, I can't judge it too much, but I think the other shows are slightly better, but I laughed and whilst just getting other a chest infection, it did nothing for my recovery, as laughing led to coughing, but we all need a good laugh right!

So that was my little DVD haul. I could literally spend £100's on DVDs, so I made sure to rein it in! I actually only went on Amazon to get the Doctor Who ones, so this shows you how much I can deviate from a planned buy. If there are any other Anime fans out there, let me know in comments what films you could suggest to me.

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