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Happy 2016

By 3:05 PM

I understand that today is in fact the 2nd of January, but having spent the majority of the last week on the sofa with a rather lovely throat infection (a lovely unwanted Christmas present from my sister), I haven't really felt like doing a lot, including posting. I'm still not much better, but I really wanted to start off the new year posting wise really well, so I have moved from my pit and upstairs to my laptop. I am still on my old laptop which requires a cable connection to the router, but my usual one is getting fixed so fingers crossed.

I don't want to bring everyone down, but 2015 was not a good year for me. I quit my job because I felt very unsupported and unwanted, than ended up hating my new career path, which is still an ongoing thing. I had interview after interview that went nowhere. And to top it all off, two people that I worked with for years, who were by no means old, sadly passed away. Having never been to a funeral before, going to 2 in the space of a year is something else, especially when these people had so much life left in them and left behind families and young children.

For certain I know I am not alone as a friend of mine also suffered from a pretty crap 2015. Not that I want my friends to experience it as well, but I have someone who understands and so does she. But I'm not bringing any of that forward with me and it is not to say that I was miserable for the whole of 2015. I went on holiday to somewhere I have never been before. I continue to explore more films and TV than ever before, including branching out in my love of anime. I have listen to some truly awesome songs this year and hope 2016 is full of even more (new Taylor Swift album anyone!!). I fully realised the joy of an iPad (sad but true). I made new and exciting things in the kitchen, including finishing the year by making home made sausage rolls with home made puff pastry. And a personal big achievement of the year was to finally understand how to knot in rounds on four needles. Not to say that that wasn't entirely painless when you constantly poke yourself with them, but it means I can knit even more complex things now.

Last year I made resolutions and I think it was the worse decision ever, because there is a somewhat degree of failure with resolutions and it's no way to start a new year by looking back and seeing what you didn't accomplish, no matter what you did. So rather than making resolutions this year, I am going to list hopes. Some might call it a synonym for resolutions, but I see it more as things that I would like, but if they don't happen, so what!

1 - Finally find the right job for me
I have had a tough career trying to get a teaching job. I have put so much effort into getting there and it just seems one step forward ends with two back. While I miss where I used to work, I don't miss certain people who made me feel useless at my job. I'm never the first to praise myself, but I know in my heart it is something I am really good at. I am determined to keep trying and hope that I can fin the right school and the right place for me.

2 - Learn a new skill
I love learning, which I think goes hand in hand with my choice of career. I like to teach myself things and taught myself website coding, graphic design, knitting and many more skills. This year I would love to learn how to Crochet. It is something I tried to do last year but I couldn't get the hang of it. My sister can do it, so I am hoping we can do an exchange of skills and I'll teach her how to knit. I did start teaching her on holiday and it was a hoot as she is a bit cack-handed.

3 - Write a book
This was something I said last year and I have written a lot since then. I don't exactly no what I'll do when I finish writing, but there is certainly a story I have developed and worked on that I would love to share and have planned out sequels and endings already.

4 - Be more confident and less afraid
This is a major one for me because I think it has a lot to do with my job and career. Put me in front of a group of children and I'll talk all day, but in front of adults, it's another thing. I don't want to say I have anxiety problems or anything like that, because I'm not a doctor and I don't really know, but it is something I have had for a long time and not been helped by how I was treated at my last job. Once I get to know someone though, you won't get me to shut up, but around new people, I'm a freezer (not cold by the way, just shy). I personally think a lot of people struggle with this and I know I am not alone, but it is all well and good people telling you you should do something, when it is something you do find hard.

5 - A better year in general
This is the biggest hope I have for this year. I want 2016 to be a good year and not just for me, but for everyone, because I think 2015 has had a lot of ups and downs for everyone. Especially towards the end of this year, I have seen a lot of destruction and damage, particularly in my surrounding area, by the storms and weather but I've also seen people getting together, community spirit and helping one another. I think that is something really big I want to see and be a part of in 2016.

I would love to know what your wishes are for 2016, but I would like to finish with two more hopes that I don't need to come and look back at next year. One, I would like my throat back to normal please (my sister still has hers weeks later!), as this was the whole reason I had my tonsils out as a child (which apparently grew back - am I an alien!). And two, you must must must go to the hairdressers this week as you can't see for your fringe anymore and if your hair gets any longer, you'll be sitting on it. Happy 2016 everyone. As I told my friend, it is going to be EPIC!

Just a little sidenote, I am still planning on doing a Christmas/New Years haul, as everything has arrived now, so that should be next week sometime when I'm better. And just in case you wanted to know, my diary in the picture is from Kate Spade. It is an 18 month one, which is great cause I've been using it since August. It looks ombre, but it's actually gold polka dots all over and I got a more expensive pretty one in the hope I'd bloody use it!

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