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What I Did This Weekend (16th - 17th Jan)

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This past weekend was a strange weekend and I am going to start off by saying that this weekend - it snowed! Now this isn't regular bog standard snow. This is the alternate crappy snow that there wasn't enough to do anything and was more just a nuisance! It is still cool to see snow, but it would have been nice to actually see it at Christmas, but we always get it this time of year. Can I apologies for my horrible picture taking - it is candid after all! Also, can you spot the photobombing cat?

Saturday started off with a long overdue trip to the hairdressers. I was wanting to go before Christmas, but then I got ill and to be honest, I couldn't right be bothered! But my hair was far, far too long and that is coming from someone who loves long hair. Let's just say it was long enough that it hit the small of my back and that I had to stand up to have it cut. It was getting on my nerves, so now I have a nice, if still long, haircut. I actually had a new lady doing my hair, as my usual hairdresser I believe is on maternity leave. Funny fact, I am born on the same day, of the same year in the same hospital as my usual hairdresser! It is always a bit daunting when someone new cuts your hair. I once happened to mention I went to a Catholic school and I got a half hour conversation about God. But this new lady was lovely and did a really nice job and was so attentive.

After that, I went to do my weekly shop. My cupboard is nicely organised and stored up now, as I am going to be making some new dishes this week. I'm getting a bit sick of having the same old thing for my tea, so I am making 4 different meals this week, with one day being pizza day (you just have to right!). If they go successfully, I will do a blog post next Saturday. I couldn't get a few ingredients I needed (how does a supermarket not have Parmesan easily!), so I am off to town to pick up the last few.

Saturday afternoon was a bit of a lazy afternoon I have to admit. I spent it having some quality Netflix time with a bar of milk chocolate. For some reason on Friday I decided to watch Gavin and Stacey, as the first 2 seasons and Christmas special are on Netflix. I never watched it when it was on the telly, cause it didn't appeal to me, but I just thought I would try it and I loved it. It isn't crude, it is just my kind of comedy, where it is just about everyday life. I hope they add the 3rd season, cause I need to finish it off. I watched all of season 2 and the Christmas special, which was appropriate, considering it was snowing!

Saturday felt like a good night for a Chinese takeaway. I got Sweet and Sour Chicken, with some Egg Fried Rice and Noodle. My Dad has the Egg Fried Rice and I have the noodles, but I always nick a bit of rice. There is always so much left over, even with one order, so I enjoyed the rest on Sunday. I spent the evening catching up on some TV, as it was frigging freezing! I caught up on Dickensian, which has got a tad boring of late, but I am persevering. I also watched the latest episode of Reign on Netflix. I didn't know this had come back, so I was really surprised to see it last week. I know it is not to everyone's taste, but I love it, I just wish they would do something with Bash, as he just does nothing now.

Sunday was a lazy day too case it was too cold to go anywhere and the left one snow had frozen a bit, making it slippy. Living on a hill, I don't want to slide down it. I had a nice lie in and then I enjoyed a lunch of left over Chinese, with a Disney movie on Netflix. I watched The Rescuers, which is a film I don't ever remember seeing as a child, but I think we had books and toys of. I really liked it. In the afternoon, I did some knitting. I am currently nearly finished with a stag head cushion I am doing, I'm just doing the trim, which is taking forever. I did this while watching some episodes of Hart of Dixie. I'm watching it on DVD cause it just disappeared off TV. After a nice Sunday lunch issue tea, I had a lovely bath, before settling down for the new episodes of Call The Midwife and Agents of Shield. Is it just me, or is Sunday a weird day to put Agents of Shield on? It isn't really a Sunday night drama. But the first two episodes have carried on really well where the fantastic, better than the rest of the season, Season 2 finale left off.

So that was my weekend. Eventful-ish, but lets hope the next one is a bit more exciting! Let me know what you did in the comments below or on twitter @prettyedu88.

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