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What I Got Myself For Christmas 2015

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I'm really happy to be typing this post today because I feel bloody awful! I thought I was getting better yesterday and then I wake up today and boom! I think I'm on phase 2 of my cold. So I thought I would cheer myself up by writing this post and listening to Selena Gomez. I don't want to tempt fate, but it seems to be working!

Looking back at the post I did last year, I think I did pretty poorly in the Christmas sales this year. But to be honest, I didn't think the sales were that good this year. I can usually find loads of items on the New Look website, but after trawling through nearly 50 pages, I only had a handful of items that I sort of liked. But I think it makes the items I did pick that bit better.

I am all about that jumper life, so I picked up two lovelies in the sales. I want to pick up a jumper that had a Christmas style pattern on, but wasn't a Christmas jumper, so when I spotted this blue one in Matalan for £9, I had to have it. I think you could wear this whatever time of the year and I love the mix of colours and texture. And it is about the softest thing ever, but I've not worn it a whole day yet, so I can't comment on the itch factor. The next one is a slightly thinner style jumper from New Look with a lovely lotus print and raw edges. Again, this is the softest thing in the world and is more oversized, which I love. I have worn this out and it is so so comfy. This was £8.

Next I went to Lush to pick up some goodies. I was going to go on Boxing Day but as it was pissing it down (pardon my french), I didn't want to go out in it and more importantly, I would doubt in a paper bag whether they would have made it home intact. Imagine it fizzing away as I walked down the street. The Lush online sale was one massive fail after another. I started trying at about 12 and by ten o'clock that night, I still hadn't managed to get through. For a worldwide company, their website is shocking. Anyway, I managed to get through to town the next day and pick up a few bits but they didn't have half the stuff they had online and some that was on sale online wasn't in store. I picked up some old favourites and some new ones, but I also picked up a Dashing Santa, which was my Christmas day bath bomb of choice and a Frozen one before Christmas:

  • Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
  • So White Bath Bomb
  • Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb
  • Magic Wand Bubble Bar
  • Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
  • Peeping Santa Bubble Bar
  • Father Christmas Bath Bomb
  • Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb

Saving my personal favourite for last, this is a pair of shoes I have had my eye on for a while and I actually got these on Christmas Eve, but they were the item I was waiting for to come through so I could do this post. These are the Rose Gold Crochet Glitter Classic Toms. I bought my first pair of Toms I want to say over a year ago and last summer (if you could call it a summer!), I wore them to death because they are just about the most comfiest shoes I have ever owned. I picked these up for £29.99 in the sale, which is a bargain and I'm all behind the Tom's philosophy. I wear a lot of burgundy and khaki coloured trousers, so I think these will go so well with them. I also have my eye on the Bronze Glitter Wool Classics, which are on sale too and I would love to try some of their boots, especially their wedges.

So that was my Christmas sales haul for this year. I'd love to see if you managed to get any good bargains in the sales, so either link your post below, let me know in comments or send me a link over on twitter.

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