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Another DVD Haul

By 11:25 AM ,

Guys can I be honest? I think I have issues when it comes to buying DVDs, the issue being I CAN'T STOP!!!! I have tried my friends and it is just to hard, especially when they are right there in ASDA and they are only a £5 each. If you go to the cinema today, a fiver would get you half the film in a bad seat with no 3D, so I believe I am totally justified. I think I selected a good mix of films and I have only seen one of them before, so I have 5 new lovelies to watch.

The first I picked was Interstellar. I am a huge fan of Christopher Nolan, not just his Batman movies, but The Prestige and Inception, so I think I'm going to like this one too. It has amazing reviews so I hope it lives up to them and I love any movie set in space as long as they don't get lost because that scare the crap out of me (is that Deep Impact where that happens - that film is always bloody on!). Next I picked up Insurgent because I haven't seen or read this yet. I read Divergent before I watched the film, whereas I haven't gotten round to reading Insurgent yet, so I am going in blind (BTW still not read the end of Mockingjay either!). I did like the first film so I hope this either matched or betters that, but I think I've heard a few mixed reviews.

The next one I got was The Imitation Game, which is the one of the bunch that I have seen before, but I loved it so much that I know I will watch this again. I constantly re-watch films, which my Dad doesn't seem to understand - why would you buy a DVD and watch it once (unless it's crap). I have said this before, I am quick stone hearted when it comes to movies and tv, but apart from Marley& & Me, this is the only other film that has ever got me close to being a bit teary (Re: the end part). That to me is a sign of a good film. Jupiter Ascending is probably going to be a bit of a marmite film, because I know it doesn't have the best reviews at all, but sometimes you have to not listen to them and go with your own. My ultimate guilty pleasure movie didn't get good reviews but I still enjoyed it - a film doesn't have to be Oscar worthy to enjoy it. I really liked the story of this and I thought the trailer was quite impressive, so I will get back to you on whether I made a mistake or not.

Next is chose Ex_Machina because again, the story of this film sounds really good. This had really good reviews as well and I like the face that concepts in the story of this film might not seem as far fetched now as they would if it had been made a long time ago. Finally, I got The Theory Of Everything because this just scream British Drama to me and British Drama films, period or not, are always really good (just like The Imitation Game). I love anything that has a really good real life story too.

I'd love to know what your thoughts are on the DVDs I chose, so either let me know in comments or on twitter. I shall not be buying anymore DVDs for a while not because of money, but because there is hardly any room left and my well curated DVD organisational system, is now fully our of wack and the anal part of me hates that!

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