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Current Favourites

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To start off this week, I thought I would share with you some of my current favourites. I don't really have any beauty favourites at the moment, so these will all be lifestyle favourites. Enjoy!

- Favourite Food -

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I completely blame Home Bargains for this one. This is total basket bait as they put it right next to the stack of baskets on the way in and they are only 29p! And as I have a weakness for anything that combines chocolate and peanut butter together, they just keep falling in my basket. I have a problem!

- Favourite Songs -

These are the top of my playlist on Spotify at the moment. "As Long As You Love Me" is a cover of the Backstreet Boys song, by Sleeping at Last and was featured in an episode of Grey's Anatomy. It is such a beautiful cover and the way it was used in the episode, it almost brought a tear to my stone hearted-ness. I discovered the artist Ruelle through the TV show Shadowhunters and I love her music. There is another song in the show that isn't on spotify yet, but look up Invincible on her youtube channel. "Secret Love Song" is the newest from Little Mix, ft Jason Derulo and I didn't think much of this till I saw it with the video and now I really love it. I've been a long time fan of Nina Nesbitt and I love the new direction of her current stuff, including "Chewing Gum" which has some great quotable lyrics. Finally are two songs I talked about in another blog post, Sia "Alive" and Charlie Puth Ft. Selena Gomez "We Don't Talk Anymore".

- Favourite TV -

I have a seriously bad addiction to The Good Wife on Netflix. I've watched 3 and bit seasons in in just over a week! It's such a good programme and I wish I had watched it before, but luckily, Netflix has all but the last season on, which is currently airing.

- Random Favourite -

Knitting Baby Booties! My sister's friend is having a baby so she asked me to knit her some baby booties. I wish I had a photo to show you, but idiot me gave them to my sister before I took a snap!

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