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Let's Talk... Celebrity Crushes

By 1:47 PM

I have had many celebrity crushes in my life and I am only 28. If I was to sit down and write a list of all the celebrities that I have had a crush on, it would be an extensive list. I know for a lot of people there is just that one that they always fixate on, but for me, I am a flitter. I pick up new ones and drop old ones all the time. There are some consistent ones and ones that I rediscover.

It really doesn't take me long to develop a crush on someone. It literally just takes one moment, either one picture, one TV show/film they are in or simply even something they have said and I am hooked. I think of I was to write a list, there would certainly be some similar traits that are present in them all, the biggest one being - UNATTAINABLE.

I am not insane! I do realise that reality teaches me that I do not stand a chance. But I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who believes there is that 0.05% chance that, well, you never know. I remember writing a blog post on an old blog a while back about a certain celebrity who had come to be top of my list and I didn't know a lot about him at the time. Then I found out he was married and it was like something incredibly bad had happened to me. I know I said I wasn't crazy, but even to me, that sounds just that little bit insane. He has no idea who I am, I have never met him and it was like he had done some truly horrible to me. I would like to think I am not crazy but I'm not exactly proving my point at the moment.

As my readers might know from my previous posts, I have a giant poster of Thor on my bedroom door. So here is another point going against me in the crazy column. I don't have a thing for Chris Hemsworth, no matter how lovely he might be, but Thor - hello! Can anyone explain that one to me, because I don't even understand that myself - they are one and the same. I'm pretty sure it is because of his hair, it is a godly shade of blonde and is always perfect (how is that - did he pop by the hair salon in Asgard before fighting aliens!).

Then there are the unexplained crushes. The ones that make you seriously call in to question what is going on inside that little head of ours. Some might cool them a secret crush or a guilty pleasure crush, the one that you would never ever tell anyone that you have. I have one and good help me I have no idea why, but whenever I see this man - I can't even! I truly do not understand it and don't even think about asking me cause I WILL NEVER SAY. I bet that has you all thinking now.

I'd love to know who some of your celebrity crushes are and if you have ever had a crazy moment like me. And if you are feeling generous, do you have a secret crush you would like to admit to. Let me know in comments or on twitter @prettyedu88.

Photo: Mayur Gala @ Unsplash

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