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Mini Lip Haul

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Despite the horrendous weather at the moment, I was feeling a bit crazed from being inside, so I took a like journey out in the car and we stopped in The Original Factory Shop, which is quite a good place to find some great make-up. They are a bit like a Fragrance Direct but in a shop and they sell brands like OPI and Rimmel, which are right up my street. I manage to withstand not purchasing any nail polish, but I did pick up a couple of tried and tested lip products in some colours I don't own.

I picked up two shades of the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks. The one in the new style packaging is Notting Hill Nude, which is by far one of my all time favourite lipsticks. I have a far bit of my original left, but as these were only £2, I had to pick another up. The newer version is a tad darker when swatched, but it still looks ever as lovely on the lips. I went through a couple of other shade before I eventually chose Let's Get Naked. This was such a surprise as I wasn't too sure in the tube, but on, I loved this. I would call it a coral pink shade and it is a your lips but better colour. It is quite natural but still has a nice pop of colour. This thankfully is still available in the new packaging as well. I can't decided which packaging I like best.

Next, despite having 5 already, I picked up another two Tanya Burr lipglosses, because being well tried and tested in them, I know they work. I had to play a little guessing game as to what shades I already owned, but luckily I chose two that I didn't already had and were the two shades I have been wanting. These are the old style packaging, but at £1 each, who cares! Chic is the perfect nude shade for everyone, whilst Daydream is a very sheer light beige, with a hint of golden shimmer. These are both very flattering shades and these would suit just about anyone. Daydream is still available in the new packaging, whilst Chic sadly isn't so if you can pick this up, I would do.

That's my mini lip haul! Let me know if you have tried these shades or if there are others in the collections that you would recommend.

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