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My Make-Up Collection - Base and Eyes

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In today's make-up collection post, I am finishing off my first draw, with base and eye products.

These are mostly bases that I have used in the past and a few that I still use but don't use as much as my daily choices.

All of these bases are in the lightest shade of the formula at the time that I bought them. I can just about get away with the darker two Rimmel ones (25hours and Wake Me Up), but they have since released a lighter tone of each which is great for us pale girls. I really love the Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation, because it gives fantastic coverage but lightweight. I wished they did a slightly paler version, but this will do for now.

In here I also have a couple of powders which are colour toned rather than transparent, an MUA concealer/highlighter and a random concealer.

Next tray (or to be more correct, lid used as a tray) is single eyeshadows and pigments.

Most of my eyeshadows are brown toned because they are my go to, but I have a couple of fantastic MUA purples and a really cool silver eyeshadow by me me me that isn't the newest but is too nice to let go. My favourite by far is the L'oreal one, as the shine on it is incredible!

I have a couple of Revolution pigments and some Natural Collection ones. It is such a shame you can't get the Natural Collection ones anymore, especially the brown one, as they are beautiful.

This is a rather messy tray filled with eyeliners, eye crayons, mascaras and primers.

Because I love the Maybelline Colour Tattoos, I don't reach for these crayons as much, but swatching them has made me realise what good colour they have. The Collection ones are particularly good, although you have to work fast with them. The ELF ones have great colour, but crease really badly even with shadow.

I wish I could use eyeliner more than I do, but I have eyes that just water up a storm when I try and line my water line. I really like the Model's Own ones for stay power, as well as the Rimmel ones. I have a couple of pen and liquid liners to try and master the flick cat eye, but still it seems to win me out.

I have a Maybelline and MUA primer, but to be honest, I don't get primers cause I haven't found one that works for me yet. I have a Revolution eye base, a new Essence mascara and a very old Revlon one that I am only keeping for the packaging cause it is a beauty - I don't use it!

I finally have a couple of palettes in this draw. I have a Fashionista one, two Elf and an old Bobbypin one.

This Fashionista one is one I built myself and for the price, the quality is so good. The top row is all eyeshadows, whilst the bottom is a bronzer and two blush. I need to use this more!

I have two of these ELF smoky eye books, because one got damaged in the post, so they sent me a new one. Again, I need to reach for these more.

I finally have this Bobbypin palette which was either a Christmas present or I bought it myself at Christmas. I've kept this cause it has some really wearable shades.

So that is the end of drawer one! Next week I'll be showing you drawer two which has eyeshadow palettes, bronzers, blush, highlighter and more (plus a bit of rubbish which I'll cleverly shift in time for the piccies!).

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