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My Make-Up Collection - Lip Gloss

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Today's post is all about lip gloss (and a few random lipsticks!).

This is my bigger lip gloss tray which sits under yesterdays tray and houses all my lip glosses. It has been a little overlooked of late, but checking it out for today's post, I will for sure be delving into it a lot more.

First we start off with my Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers. These are such a highly rated lip gloss/stick and the colour payoff is so good. I love the packaging the most in these and have collected a good selection of shades. Some of these are labelled show off, which was the international name and some I believe were only international releases, but I got a lot of mine from fragrance direct.

The rest of my lipglosses are a random selection. I have two Seventeen Lip Lustre glosses in Talk That Talk and Ice Maiden. I have another two Rimmel - an Oh My Gloss in Purrr Glossy Cat and a Provocalips in Dare to Pink, which I never really got on with. I have a lovely Barry M Loudmouth in Tell Tale and a Maybelline Color Elixir in Petal Plush, which again I think was a hyped product. The final three lipglosses are a Model Co in Striptease, Essence Matte in Velvet Rose and an MUA gloss in Nude.

The next random selection are a lot of older glosses which I love the colour off but don't use as much. I have some ELF ones, Collection, MUA, Miss Sporty, Maybelline, a random Avon and some very old Mary Kate and Ashley lipglosses, which I keep more for nostalgia than wear.

Finally, I have two random Barry M Lipsticks (wrong tray!) and a selection of mini Seventeen glosses.

We might be done with lipglosses, but we are not done with lips! Tomorrow, I'll give you a look inside my lipstick, lip balm and lip crayon trays (with a few eye products thrown in for good value!).

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