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My Shoe Collection Part 1

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Until I even contemplated doing this post, I never quite realised how many pairs of shoes I actually owned! Well, I say shoes, to be more precise, it is boots. I love boots! And I especially have a problem with boots when it comes to the New Look sale where you can get 4 pairs of boots for the price of one. And another sad truth of the matter is that I haven't featured all my shoes - I left out my walking boots, a pair of trainers and the boots know as the boots of death! I had two pairs in different colours and both ruined my feet - they are literally the most painful shoes in the world to wear and they don't even have a high heel. And sadly, they are so pretty too. Enjoy part 1!

New Look Boots

If you can remember, I got these last Christmas in the New Look sale and to be honest, I haven't actually worn them yet, but every time I put try them on, I think they look amazing, so I think I should start wearing them. I love the stud, strap and buckle detailing and I'm not gonna lie, these boots are heavy!

New Look Boots

Another pair bought in the New Look sale (that thing kills me every time!). And another pair I haven't worn yet. I was a bit 50:50 on these when I got them because I wasn't sure and I'm still a bit like that now. I think with the right outfit, they would look really good, so I do hope I wear them eventually.

New Look Boots

Do you see a pattern! I bloody love these boots. These are my night out boots. I love the cowboys style, the stud detailing and the fact that they are pretty much flats as well, but still have that extra something to make them stand out. I love tucking black disco pants into these.

New Look Sandals

I bought these to go with an outfit in the summer for a wedding, which I unfortunately couldn't go to cause I got sick. As you probably know, the British summer does not last long and as the wedding was near the end of the summer, I never got a chance to wear them, but come the sun this year, I am cracking these out! I lover every thing about these from the nude colouring, the way the straps intertwine and the little diamante details.

M&S Wedges

Not last year, but the year before, I go obsessed with having a pair of black, suede wedges. Because I wanted the perfect pair, I took forever trying to find the ones for me, when I spotted these in M&S. I had never really looked in there for shoes before but they had a really great selection. They had an offer on at the time, so I got a great deal on these and a flat pair. These are incredibly comfy considering the heel and so easy to walk in. I would love to have the courage to wear these every day, but they are another go to for nights out.

New Look Boots

Another sale pick up. What drew me to these was the colour and the spike detail, although a - make sure you don't hit anyone and b - don't sit on your feet, it hurts! They cut off just at the right height to look great with skinny jeans and they are easy to walk in than they might look.


This is my first pair of TOMS I got and I have become obsessed with them. They are just about the most comfy shoes I have ever worn. I lived in these at one point. Being the coldest person in the world, it has to be good weather to wear these cause you can't wear socks with them. But I just got some ankle height tights, which will add a little warmth.

New Look Boots

You'll soon see that my love of buying lipstick formulas in all colours is the same for shoes. There was this pair of boots in Forever 21 called the Dreamweavers that were never in stock and when I saw these they were the perfect dupe. I love the cut out detailing as well as the weaving on the front.

New Look Boots

Case in point. Same shoes, different colour. I couldn't pass up getting these in the tan as well. I like wearing these with burgundy skinnies.

New Look Boots

What drew me to these was the colour - I don't think I've ever seen a pair of boots this colour. It is a mixture of red and purple. I haven't worn these just yet but I have an idea in my head of the look I am going for.

That is the end of part 1! Look out for part 2 this Friday!

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