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My Shoe Collection Part 2

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Welcome to Part 2 of my shoe collection! I am going to admit right now, in between doing this post and the last, another pair of shoes just magically arrived at my doorstep (OK, so I ordered them!). But they are very pretty and you'll see them at the end of the post!

New Look Boots

I really love the tan colour of these shoes and what is great about them, is that while the heel looks a little big, it has a stacked front, so it levels it out a bit.

Primark Boots

I got these boots in Primark for ridiculously cheap. I love the cut out detailing, whilst the faux suede and buckles remind me of a pair of boots I had for years from Diechmann which I loved to death (I still wish I had them!). There is the to sock or not to sock debate with these shoes, but if I didn't I would freeze!

New Look Boots

Around the time I bought these tan boots I was seeing this style everywhere. It goes so well with my favourite colour of trousers (khaki and burgundy), and I am a sucker for a buckle.

River Island Boots

I stalked these boots on the River Island site for ages until they came on sale. I don;t know why I was so drawn to these, but I love the green shade of these and the chunky heel.

New Look Boots

Figure this out, I got these boots on buy 1 shoe get the other shoe free lol AKA half price. When I first got these shoes, they killed so much to wear, then one day I wore them and they didn't hurt one bit. I'm not usually a fan of pointy shoes cause my feet look big enough as it is, but I couldn't pass up the detailing. The only thing is these are just about then noisiest shoes!

New Look Boots

Everyone loves a good chelsea boot. I've worn these a couple of times now, but they do hurt a little when wearing because they rub on my leg when walking.

New Look Boots

These boots might be looking a like sorry for themselves right now, but I have had these boots for years. They are leather and I got them on sale in New Look for £30 and I've re-heeled them a few times. The good thing about them is the more they age, it really adds to the style and they are just the perfect style for basic black boots.

New Look Boots

I LOVE THESE BOOTS! I wear these all the time and they are so so comfy. I love everything about them from the lace up, the fold detail and the aztec print. I have tried to find a pair just like them but haven't found anything quite as good as these yet.


I'm not saying too much on these cause I was none stop about these in my Christmas sales haul post, but aren't they pretty!


Look what arrived this week!!! Another lovely pair of TOMS. I got these in a sale sale lol They were on sale already but for Valentines, TOMS had an extra 25% off and anyone who know me, knows I love me some Aztec print. I love they are lined as well.

So they are all my shoes (nearly!). I hope you enjoyed a nosey at what I wear on my tootsies and let me know in comments or on twitter what your favourite pair/s are.

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