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Realistic What's In My Bag

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For today's What's In My Bag post, I literally picked my bag up from where is was sat and photographed everything that was in it. Some of what is in there is useful, while to be honest, a lot of it was just rubbish. I am just one of those people who stuffs a receipt in it and never bothers to take it out again. My bag is more of a handbag / rubbish bin. I'm very ashamed of myself.

My bag since October last year, has been this black number from Animal called the Waterfront bag. I bought this when I was down in Padstow at the end of October in an Animal store there. They also had it in brown/green but I have a lot of brown bags already, so I went for the black/red combo. It was £30 and it comes with a 2 year guarantee, so if anything gets damaged, they will fix it for free, but it is holding it really well. It isn't available on the Animal website anymore, but you can see both versions there. I did find it at SurfMountain.com for £26.99.

In the very front zip pocket on the outside, I have the receipt for the bag. I tend to keep the receipts for bags I buy in them, just in case. I have a mini flyer about the new Barry M nail care range and an old shopping list that I think was for mince pies.

In the inside pocket, I have a mirror, a Seventeen Phwoarr Paint concealer for emergencies, yet more shopping lists, plus my card for my next dentist appointment and the information from the toothpaste my dentist made me get from the pharmacy. I have 6 tubes of the stuff and I hate it.

In the main compartment, I first have my latest Boots Advantage Card vouchers so I don't forget to use them. I have a random mess of receipts, including an M&S one that I've clearly wiped lipstick I was sampling on. I have my library card in it's holder and a list of Doctor Who DVD's and prices (don't ask!).

Then I have my lovely purse. For a fair few years, I used a purse from Primark, which I loved and you can see in my previous what's in my bag posts. But when I got my new bag, I also got a new purse, so again, this is from Animal. I think this is just such a beautiful purse and lovely the colour and material it is made from. It has loads of room and slots inside and just folds together nicely. They do still have this online, but I think in a slightly different colour, but I paid £28 and it is currently at £11, so it's a great bargain. It is called the Alanaa purse.

In the last zip pocket inside the main part and in the phone pocket, I have a right mess of stuff. I have my handbag guarantee, another fine tangle of receipts, a hair band and a little message card from my sister. I also have a few make-up bits including an emergency emergency concealer, which is a sorry looking Collection one, a little mini make-up brush for powder (even though I never have it in my bag!) and a Baby Lips. Finally, I have the ever lovely feminine hygiene products.

I hope you liked this mini tour of my bag. I would also usually have my phone, keys and a fold up bag. I am now going to power wash my bag and hopefully come back later this year with a much more lovely and tidy what's in my bag - but I doubt it.

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