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What I Did This Weekend (27th - 28th Feb)

By 11:40 AM

I had quite an enjoyable weekend this week, full of some lovely shopping trips and catching up on some of my favourite shows. Let's just say I have a note on my ipad with all the shows I need to catch up on because I've been watching too many boxsets instead, and it is getting longer!

As per norm, this Saturday started off with the usual shopping trip to ASDA and LIDL. I can honestly say it took a lot of sheer determination to walk past the Disney 2 for £13 offer and not get any! I really want two though, so I might treat myself next weekend or do a cheeky Amazon order. In LIDL I picked up a bag of my favourite sweets which are the Sweet Berries. These are quite frankly bloody delicious. They are incredibly sweet, so if you haven't got a sweet tooth, you might not like them and judging by the fact they have all gone, I might not have any teeth left!

After that I went to town with my sister. We went for a walk round the shops, which seemed to only take us about an hour cause there isn't much in at the moment (didn't stop me from getting something though did it!). We stop off for lunch at our favourite Italian cafe/restaurant that I went to in a previous weekend post (still can't remember the name - begins with an R I think!). I didn't go very Italian with my Tuna Mayonnaise and Mozzarella panini, but Tuna is like my thing at the moment. We got a bowl of salted fries to share which were delicious, as was the Panini.

In town, I picked up some more wool to add to my collection, a cute pair of socks from New Look and some much needed new gloves, which were a steal in Accessorize. They were originally £15 but they were down to £4.50. I got my last pair from there a few years back and they have lasted so well but are looking a little sorry for themselves now. I love the mixture of colours and textures in these and I always go for fingerless ones. I think it is because years back, they didn't have those techy gloves and I could never work my ipod with my gloves on.

In the afternoon, I had a catch up on a few shows, including the latest Grey's Anatomy, which has just restarted again in the UK. It was such a fantastic episode and very well put together. In the evening, I enjoyed a lovely Pain aux Chocolat along with the latest episode of Saturday Night Takeaway. I am of the generation that grew up with Ant & Dec, from Byker Grove, to SM:TV and all their other shows, so I love watching anything they do. I have yet to live my fantasy though of having a takeaway whilst watching Saturday Night Takeaway!

I had quite an early start to my Sunday because my Dad needed to drive my sister to Preston so she could get a train to Manchester and knowing that Preston had a Primark, I went along so the ride. We are getting a Primark sometime this year in my city, it is currently being renovated. This is kind of sad, but Primark is a bit of a treat to me because we actually have to drive a way to get to the nearest one, so it isn't going to seem as much as a treat when we get one, but at least it will be easier. Me and Primark go way back to Ireland, because it is where it orginates from and I have family in Ireland that I use to go visit a lot. They call it Pennies in the South I believe. Anyway, I didn't go very wild and just got a hoodie and a jumper. Both are actually from the Men's section because the Women's didn't have any really chunky, comfy jumpers and I couldn't pass the Superman logo up! I finished with a traditional trip to McDonalds for a strawberry milkshake before heading home.

In the afternoon I did some more of my knitting. I am currently knitting a Miffy teddy, which is knitted with four needles which can be a like tricky, but also painful as I keep jabbing myself with them. I has a lot afternoon bath with some lovely Lush products (I used my pink star magic wand). My sister then came back and can to our house for tea. We had a Sunday roast with ham, and watch Night At The Museum 3 which is really not as good as the others and didn't do a lot in the length of time. I finished off my evening with a double bill of Call The Midwife (last one next week :( ) and Agents of Shield.

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