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Current Favourites For March

By 11:46 AM

I stopped doing monthly favourites because I found a lot of things were not changing from month to month and my lack of make-up wearing at the moment, meant I literally had no beauty items to share. However, I do like to share with you any of my current favourites and right now, I have a lot of entertainment favourites, so let's just jump right on in.

- Favourite Food -

My love for peanut butter and chocolate together seems to be never ending. I'm going to have to find a more healthy alternative than chocolate bars, but right now, it is all about the Peanut Butter Chunky Kit Kat, because Home Bargains stopped selling the two pack of Peanut Butter Cups, which is actually probably a good thing as they are so so not good for you.

- Favourite Songs -

I use to listen to the radio all the time, so new music kind of came to me all the time, but I can't stand Radio 1 in the mornings any more, so more often than not I am a little behind with new music. But right now, I am loving some fab tunes from a mix of people. Whilst I wasn't the biggest fan of the new Sia album compared to the last one, I have two more songs from it to add to my favourites. I am loving the latest single "Cheap Thrills" and the album track "Unstoppable". I don't follow the X-Factor at all, but I am loving the song "More and More" by Fleur East. It is pure pop and it's fab! Another month and another track from Ruelle is "I Get To Love You", which has such a beautiful story behind it because the singer wrote it for her wedding, which you can totally get from the lyrics. Finally, I am not the world's biggest Coldplay fan and the only songs of theirs that I ever really like was Princess of China with Rihanna. However, this month I have been loving their track with Beyonce called "Hymn For The Weekend".

- Favourite TV -

What can I say about TV over the last month other than it has been INCREDIBLE. The Night Manager on BBC 1 was essential viewing and I don't think there was a bad episode among them all. Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow have all been excellent but I think in spite of my Arrow love, The Flash has been the best (BTW whilst I will not be watching Batman vs Superman, I have seen *SPOILER ALERT* the bit with The Flash, and to be honest, I prefer the TV Flash far much more). While I was a bit disappointed with PLL, the finale pulled it back as I literally jumped out of my seat with fright at one point. I've really been getting into Shadowhunters, but the actress who plays Clary annoys me so much, I think Lily Collins was a better Clary. Once Upon A Time is back, which is never ever a bad thing. I watched so much The Good Wife that I am now caught up with the season that is currently airing on Tv, which is sadly the last. Finally, my new boxset at the moment is The West Wing, which is a series I never watched when it was on the TV, but I am already really getting into it.

- Random Favourites -

Nostalgia! I've currently been experiencing a lot of nostalgia. I have been watching a show on the BBC called "The TV That Made Us", which is celebrities talking about the shows they grew up watching, which made me think about the shows I watched as a child and growing up. I was also looking at DVDs on Amazon (I got 100 pages deep, it was scary), which reminded me of so many other shows I watched as a child. One of the categories on the show is earliest TV memories, and one show I remember watching from a young age was "Rosie & Jim". I stood out a lot to me because I live near a canal, and there was a river boat on it that always had Rosie and Jim in the window. There is this one episode though that I always remember called "Shopping" because we had it on Video (I think it was called Volume 2), were Rosie and Jim go shopping and Jim buys Rosie flowers. On the sign it says 50p a bunch and so he puts in 50p, but picks up two bunches. He bloody stole a bunch. I always remember thinking that even as a child! Go check it out on YouTube if you don't believe me!

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