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Disney DVD Haul

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Remember how on a previous "What I Did This Weekend", I posted about my restraint from buying any of the Disney 2 for £13 DVDs and I was really proud about that fact? Well, this weekend I slipped up. The lure was just to strong and while I went with the intention of buying 2, I some how came back with 4 - I simply cannot explain why!

I went with one Pixar DVD and 3 Disney Classics, which funnily enough and I didn't realise till today, are actually 3 consecutive ones in release order. 2 of these I have previously seen and the other 2 I picked because I either can't remember seeing them or have never. My brain seems to be pushing out movies I've seen to make room for new ones because I watch too many. I watched Superman Returns the other week, a film I've seen previous times - didn't remember a thing about it! It might just be that film though cause it seems to always happen with that one.

Let's talk Pixar. I know I shouldn't be hesitant to get a Pixar movie because it is a fact that all Pixar movies are bloody good, even the less amazing ones (I haven't seen The Good Dinosaur, so I can't comment on that one). I think I am sometimes hesitant with Pixar movies because I don't want them to be a disappoint because they are know for such great quality. However, Inside Out is in no way a disappoint - it's fantastic. It is a very clever movie, which I like and while it has the great story and characters for children, it has that underlying cleverness for the adults to get. I really like all the characters to, but I think Sadness especially - it's just the voice. I would recommend it to anyone.

Next I went for one I know I've seen a lot before because we have it on VHS (video btw!) from when I was younger and that's The Jungle Book. This was a family favourite as a youngster and I remember seeing this at the cinema in the early 90's on a re-release and sitting on the stairs in the middle of the aisle to watch it. It has amazing recognisable characters, insanely catchy songs and just everything you want from a Disney movie. I particularly wanted this one as I know two live action versions are being released either this year or into next - the Disney one and one by Andy Serkis. I just had to google why it was called The Jungle Book because it just dawned on me it is a strange title, but it is because the book it comes from was a collection of Jungle stories - learn something new everyday!

I definitely know I have never seen The Sword In The Stone (I have now!), so this has been on my list for a while. I know that it is based on the Arthurian legend and being a fan of the TV show Merlin, I really love that legend. I have to say it isn't what I really expected and I think they could have included the legend a bit more, unless I know it wrong, so it was a little bit of a disappointment, but I'm going to give it another watch. Even though there was magic in the story, I think it was still a little bit missing among the storyline.

My final choice is the one I am not sure if I have watched before or not and that is 101 Dalmatians. I've certainly seen the more modern live action versions and I know the Disney story because as children, and I think it is still in out loft, we had this 101 Dalmatian pop up paper theatre, which had all these backgrounds and the characters on sticks, and a little script. I certainly can't recall ever seeing it, so I'm looking forward to watching it.

So that was my little Disney DVD haul. I would like to put it out there that I know I have done 3 DVD hauls in the past few months but it is my addiction (along with nail varnishes), and they certainly get well watched. I will not be getting anymore DVDs, even though I know the offer is still on, because it is reaching a critical level of shelf room to DVD ratio and I think having *cough* 30+ *cough* Disney classics will keep me going for now. If you would like a Disney DVD collection, I would love to do that, so let me know in comments or on twitter @prettyedu88.

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