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Mini Nail Haul ft Nicole by OPI & Sally Hansen

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My sister was very kind and bought me some nail polishes when she recently went to Cheshire Oaks. She got me them from a shop called W7 Beauty Outlet, which judging by the logo, it must be related to the W7 make-up brand. They apparently had loads of my favourite brands, including OPI and Sally Hansen, but as I have far too many to name, she went for brands that I didn't have a lot of. She got me two from Nicole by OPI and two Sally Hansen Color Frenzy ones, which is a formula I knew I had none of. If I were to describe the shop, I would say it is like Fragrance Direct but in a store. I wish I had been there!

The two shades from Nicole are Poised In Turquoise and Fisher Queen from the Carrie Underwood collection. The purple is a gorgeous deep royal purple, which has a really faint shimmer that you see when it catches the light. The turquoise is more of a sea green turquoise with a slight frost finish.

The two shades from Sally Hansen are both top coats. Though you get a good payoff, you would never get them fully opaque. Sea Salt is a mixture of gold, blue, white and silver glitter. The gold is like a fine shimmer, the blue and white are a little more prominent and the silver is chunky cut pieces of glitter. Red White and Hue, is quite self explanatory! It has smaller circular glitter pieces in red, white and blue, but also larger hexagon glitter in the same colours. Both are in clear bases.

All 4 swatches are 3 coats and all 4 have really good formulas. The Poised in Turquoise I would possibly give another coat but it might look a little more opaque on the nails and it doesn't have that streaky finish that some frost shade do. Fisher Queen covers really great and as it is a slightly newer Nicole, it has the more wider, chunky brush, which I prefer over the thinner older style brush.

Both of the Color Frenzys give great payoff. Some topcoats like this don't have a great ratio of glitter to base and the base can be very watery. I didn't find that with these and managed to get a good swipe of glitter with each stroke, without leaving behind a big glop of base. I can't wait to raid my stash to find polishes to go with these!

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