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My Make-Up Collection - All About Eyes (Nearly)

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We are nearing the end of my make-up collection and today it is all about eyes (plus one face product). This is the most exciting post cause we are getting into palettes.

This first tray has lot of various eyeshadow duo, trios and quads.

I have quite the collection of Collection (that is a terrible pun) eyeshadow mini palettes. I won't lie that some of these are old, but they are very hard to part with. As you can see for some, they have been very much loved over the years, especially my brown toned ones. Most of them I've kept for the odd shade.

I have some various other ones. I have quite a few Natural Collection Duo's but some of them don't have the best payoff. I have a couple of ELF ones that don't get much love. I have some random one from Boots and a Rochas one, then finally a Maybelline duo which is so pretty. I've swatched it with one of my Natural Collection one.

Next up is a rather jam packed palette tray. This tray gets a lot of love.

Drugstore brands do amazing eyeshadow palettes that you don't need to spend a fortune on an expensive one. I love the shades in these Collection palettes, as well as my Tanya Burr palette, which has some of the softest eyeshadows ever! I also have a bronzer/blush duo from ELF.

There are so many Revolution palettes that I could willingly pop in my basket, but I just have a couple for now. I have the Girls On Film palette, Iconic 3 palette and Disappear Till Tomorrow palette. These eyeshadows are some of the best I own and if you click on the names above, you'll see my previous posts where I have swatched them.

Let's face it - I have a lot of MUA palettes! But at £4 and being such amazing quality, you really cannot go wrong. I reach for these palettes a lot and whilst they are mostly nude tones, I have quite a range of nude tones - probably every nude tone you would ever need. I like that the newer palettes also have shade names to.

We are sadly nearly at the end of our make-up collection series! Tomorrow I have a few more bigger palettes and my lip stick holder.

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