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My Make-Up Collection - Palettes and More Lipsticks

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Today is the final post in my Make-Up Collection series. It has been so good to actually go through my make-up piece by piece and remember what I had and rediscover some of my old favourites. In this last post, I am going to show you my bigger palettes, my last few lipsticks and a pesky lipstick that I forgot was in my bag.

This first palette is the ELF. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette in Everyday. I remember using this palette a lot when I got it, especially the paler shimmery tones. This palette is great for neutral lovers, but then it has the surprise of some pops of colour as well.

The next palette I have is a bit of an old one. It is a No7 palette which originally belong to my sister. I kept this for the eyeshadows, but it also has a blush, highlight, mascara (which has long gone but I like to keep it in there for neatness, a lipstick, lipliner and eyeliner. Do you know of any brands that do a nice neat little full face palette like this anymore.

I adore the Tanya Burr Candy Glam Palette, so much so that I was afraid to use it until last month, when I finally broke it out. Again, this is such a multi task palette, as it has eyeshadows, blush, bronzer and a lipgloss. I particularly love the shade Creme Brulee, as well as the Pretty Peony blush.

I picked up this Pur Minerals Jupiter Ascending palette in a Feel Unique sale. I haven't tried any of the brand till then, but I was quite happy with this little palette. It comes with an eyeshadow palette, a felt tip eyeliner and a lipgloss. There are some lovely shades in the shadows but they do have a lot of fallout, especially the shadow Caine which I thoughts I was going to love. I love the lipgloss though because it lights up! Just for those wondering about the film, I've watched it now and it was OK, it was a bit hard to follow so I think I need another watch.

This fab palette is another ELF goodies and is the 50 Piece Make-Up Artist Palette. In this you get a tray of 40 eyeshadows and a tray of 10 blush and bronzers. I really need to use this palette more because it has such an array of shades in it. I have swatched this palette before and you can see that post here.

I would love to get some more blush palettes and I do like this Revolution Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in Hot Spice is OK, except as I mention in this post where I swatched it, in the image on the website it looked more cool toned.

Also in my drawer I have this Wet'n'Wild Natural Blend Mineral Foundation, which was a random £1 buy, because I really wanted to try mineral foundation. This colour is tad too dark for me, but I loved the effect of mineral foundation.

Next is my lipstick holder, which has my most used lipsticks in. I'm not going to say any more about this other than I loved every lipstick in it and use each and every one of them. I will note that the L'oreal lipstick in called the Cheryl Nude but I believe this is now packaged as the JLo shade.

(Left to Right: Maybelline "Pink Plaze" / Maybelline "Sweet Pink" / Maybelline "Tantalizing Taupe" / Rimmel "Notting Hill Nude" / MAC "Creme Cup" / MAC "Shy Girl")

(Left to Right: Rimmel "45" / Rimmel "03" / Rimmel "07" / Rimmel "26" / Seventeen "Beehive" / Seventeen "Bella")

(Left to Right: Revlon "Peach Parfait" / Revlon "Strawberry Shortcake" / Revlon "Cotton Candy" / Revlon "Creme Brulee" / Revlon "Pink Truffle" / L'Oreal "Cheryl Nude")

Last but least is this pesky Clinique Colour Pop in Nude Pop, which I left in my bloody bag.

And that's it. I have really enjoyed showing you my make-up collection. The only other make-up I own is what I keep in my make-up bag for daily use, which you can see here. I hope you have enjoyed it too and if I get the chance again, I might be persuaded to do a nail polish collection post, which would take a day and an age!

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