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Reading Old Tweets Part 1

By 2:41 PM

On Monday, Twitter turned 10 years old and I started to feel a little bit nostalgic. I have been a happy Twitter member since 2009 and whilst I haven't quite reached the 10,000 mark yet, I am 605 tweets off, which I think I will more than use. So for today's post, I decided to take a little look back over my first year of tweeting. There are a lot common themes including weather (rain mostly!), illness, movie and tv shows and baking! And another common theme they have is some terrible spelling due to the fact my fingers move faster than my brain.

Apparently when I first started tweeting, I wrote like you would on your Facebook wall. I do have Facebook, but it is too much for me. I only use it for signing in to other programs. Sharon is my friend from Uni who probably told me to join twitter in the first place and the programme in question was "Less Than Perfect" - anyone remember that show, cause I loved it! I'm not sure what the phone in question is but it might have been my beloved purple slide up Samsung phone - I loved that thing. For a first tweet, it isn't ground breaking is it?

Wearing Ugg boots in the rain was not my finest idea. I remember this really well and my back, which I already have problems with every now and again because I once fell down the stairs, killed.

As it is coming up to Easter, I thought I would include an Easter themed one. This was clearly a cheap Easter egg! I went to see 17 Again at the cinema and took the chocolate as my snack, and it was quite a warm day, so it melted a little, but it went bendy!

This is the kind of high brow, classy kind of tweets I tweet. I still don't know the answer - I'm going to Google it!

Apparently I use to spend a lot of time redesigning my twitter page. I don't think I really care as much as I use to do about my twitter page, it has been the same for a long time now.

I've know for a while that me and Dragon's Den have a strange addictive relationship, but I didn't realise just how far back it went. I'm sure if I go back and read all my tweets this will not be the only one.

I use to be obsessed with Come Dine With Me. In my first year of tweeting I think I must have tweeted about this 5 times at least. I actually don't watch it as much now as I really don't like the Couples version, but I did see recently they had a Champions of Champions edition which seems pretty cool.

I don't remember loving The Hills enough to tweet about it but apparently I did. I'm a big Lauren Conrad fan, so maybe that is why I watched it.

This tweet is very appropriate, as I went to the Dentist this very day to get a filling. Me and Dentist hatred go way way back!

Well, as you can see my Tweets were just astoundingly brilliant, weren't day! I hope you've enjoyed a little look at my first year of tweeting and I'll come back to you soon with more of my Twitter adventures (can't say they get anymore exciting!).

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