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St Patrick's Day Nail Picks

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Being half Irish, I am a keen follower of St Patrick's Day and being a nail varnish lover, what better excuse than to break out the green nails. I actually own quite a few green polishes, it is probably one of my favourite colours for nails. Whilst I usually go towards the mint or turquoise green, I do have some nice real greens in my collection to share with you. BTW, my camera was picking up these swatches so bad that I scanned them in! It look so good, especially the glitter one which I used for the background at the top of the post! So ahead of the day tomorrow, here are my picks!

I think I've chosen a green to suit everyone. We have some true greens, a couple of lime greens, some real deep forest greens and a couple of glitter top coats to mix and match with the others.

I hope there is a green above that you love! If I had to choose my favourites, it would be either the Revlon Rain Forest, which has a gorgeous lime shimmer running through it, or Sally Hansen Lickety-Split Lime, as it is very similar to OPI's Did It On Em, which is an all time fav (why didn't I include that!). I hope you all have a fab St Patrick's Day tomorrow.

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