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Throwback: The Mix CD

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I was reading this article yesterday on Teen Vogue about pop songs from our high school days and it made me think back to what I listened to when I was in high school. about 12 years ago, made more, we got out first computer that could burn CD's. This was a miracle to me then and it was around that time that I started making mix CD's. I made one every month from January 2005, till around July when I clearly got bored! But having been a long time love of the mix tape, the mix CD was just the next level up because you could make really cool art work on your computer, even if sticking it to the CD made it jump. Today I am sharing with you a mix CD from April 2005. Not all the songs I would say are from that time and you might be able to see I was big into movie soundtracks at this time.

I was surprised I found all the songs on Spotify, altought the version of "I Hope You dance" is not the right one. The one I have is a remix version from the single which I can't find, but never mind. I hope you enjoy this and if you like this, I might be tempted to share some more of my mix cds with you! And can I just point out that eh song "Hero" is on a lot of my mix cds and I never thought I loved it that much!

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