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What I Did This Weekend (26th - 27th Mar)

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This weekend was an Easter weekend so quite rightly it was filled with a lot of chocolate - too much chocolate if we are being truly honest! To start with when I woke up on Saturday I thought it was Sunday because I did my weekly shop on Friday instead. But I went off to town instead which is still shut off because there was sadly a big fire in our town centre on Thursday which thankfully no one was injured in. Several shops are closed off and there is a look of scaffolding up. Whilst I didn't purchase anything, I did get a lovely treat of a McDonalds. I don't have them a lot, but whenever I do, I always have the same which is a Double Cheeseburger and Fries. Why they do put bloody gherkin on them? No one likes them (apart from my sister). They currently have the Monopoly contest on and I won a free Hash Brown, which I've never had before, so I will have to redeem it.

After lunch, I had a bit of an Easter breaking spree. I made my annual Easter cake. Last year I made one shaped like a mini egg, but this year, my sister asked for something chocolatey, so I went to town on chocolate. I made a chocolate cake, with chocolate chips in, sandwiched with chocolate buttercream, covered in mini eggs and chocolate fingers. That thing was heavy! I also made the obligatory chocolate nests (I am a strictly rice crispie person!). There are not many left considering my Dad ate 4 in one day!

I spent the rest of the afternoon indulging my craft side. I use to paint all the time in high school, because I did Art at GCSE, but now a days it has taken a back seat to my knitting. But while I was in Lidl, I spotted these canvases which you can paint, so I spent a good portion of the afternoon taking my time to paint it along with being a slight bit nosey at what was happening on my street. I had noticed earlier in the day that someone was decorating there car, then I realised the two ladies who live across the road from us were getting married. They both looked lovely! The rest of the day involved the weekly viewing of Saturday Night Takeaway and not much else because there is nothing on at the moment!!!

On Sunday, I enjoyed a lie in for once before heading off to my sister's house for Easter lunch. I made sure I was positioned perfectly near all potato based goods, including the mash potato and roast potatoes (it is the half irish side of me!). After a had a slice of my cake too, I was very very full! So full that I didn't even have any dinner that night apart from a packet of Fish and Chip crisps! I didn't even partake in any eggs!

I was treated to two eggs this year. From my Dad I got a mini egg one and from my sister I got a Rowtrees one, which I've never seen before. My Dad also gifted me a bunny, which is from Lidl. What I like about these is that they came in milk, dark and white chocolate, so I opted for the white chocolate one. Again, there wasn't much on tonight, but at 9 I said down for Agents of Shield, which is getting so good lately and just a touch more scary which I like. Then I went off to bed with my iPad and watched the finale episodes of both Thirteen (was OK but didn't fit with the tone of the series) and The Night Manager (perfect end!).

I hope you all had a fab Easter weekend (in spite of the bloody awful weather - rain, sun, rain, sun - I would also like to say that it is not me that is the current storm despite sharing it's name).

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