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5... Top Nail Polish Brands

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Avid readers of my blog will know there is one thing I love more in the world than anything - Nail Polish. I haven't counted in a while how many I own, but let's just say I'm on my third drawer and leave it at that. I think I know enough about nail polish now to bring you my top 5 brands. Enjoy!

#1 - OPI
OPI is such a classic nail polish brand, selling nail polish since 1989. What I love most about OPI polishes are the collaborations that they do with films, celebrities and other brands. I first got interest in OPI with their Shrek collection and since then I have been building my own. Having recently colabbed with Hello Kitty, it was like my dream come true, though I haven't got any of those yet. They last really well on the nails and you get a generous amount, pus I love the bottle shapes. I have a good 34 shades but my top 3 are Gone Gonzo (my all time favourite!) from The Muppets collection, Call Me Gwen-Ever from the Spider-Man collection (I'd love an Avengers collection) and Did It On Em! from the Nicki Minaj collection (I own two!).

#2 - Sally Hansen
Being the #1 nail experts and having been going since 1950, Sally Hansen polishes just hit it every time. These are a top for me because the formula is always spot on! I like a lot of their ranges, but my favourite are the classic Complete Salon Manicure line. The brush is perfect for my nail shape and there are so many colours to choose from. Sally Hansen is my go to for nail wraps too! I have 35 of the Complete Salon Manicure formula and it was hard to choose but 3 of my favourites are Green Tea (a must have for everyone!), Barracuda and Summer Plum.

#3 - Barry M
British through and through, Barry M has been making make-up and nail polish since 1982 and is my go to Brit brand for nail polish. Price point they are amazing. Formula they are amazing, whilst they always stay on trend with the style of polishes from their crackle range, gel style polishes, to the recently release coconut infused range. My first Barry M buy was a nail polish in black and I've slowly built up a whole collection of different shades and formulas. Of recent the ones I have reached for the most are the Quick Dry range, cause let's face it, who has the time. These are my favourite shades in Eat My Dust, Road Rage and Lap of Honour.

#4 - Essence
I was first introduced to Essence by my lovely friend Pasca who lives in Germany and sent me some as an xmas gift. I waited patiently and finally Essence came to the UK in Wilko stores and luckily, there is a lovely stand full of them in my local one! Essence is known for it's amazing make-up quality, but their nail polishes are really amazing too and your can easily treat yourself to one as they are less than £2. There are also known for their amazing top coats to and I love that the lids are the exact same shade as the polish! Some of my favourite shades are Kiss Me Freddy, That's What I Mint and Time For Romance.

#5 - Revlon
I think Revlon is a really understated brand when it comes to nail polish. What I love about their range is that it doesn't have the usual mix of colours. It has some more adventurous and unusual shades. They also so an exact dupe of my fav OPI shade too. I have a few picks from a few different ranges in Revlon, but the Colourstay Long Wear ones are the best. I love this gorgeous green/gold shade called Rain Forest, a lovely pale white named Calla Lily and the aptly named Blue Slate.

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