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5 ... Top Tips For Eyeshadow

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Eyeshadow is probably one of my favourite parts of a make-up look because there are so many looks that you can create, even with one eyeshadow palette (but who can really live with just one eyeshadow palette, right?). I've learnt a lot about eyeshadow over the years and even now, I am still learning tips on creating a great night out look and perfecting the everyday eye. So today, in a new series of 5 top post, I am sharing with you the 5 best tips I've learnt about eyeshadow, in the hope they add to your look.

#1 - Always use an eyeshadow base
I never realised till I used a base how much my eyeshadow actually creased throughout the day. This is a step I should have always followed because unfortunately I am a suffered of oily eyelids. I would often find all my eyeshadow move into the crease throughout the day. You could invest in a neutral eyebase that would suit all looks, but my go to are the Maybelline Colour Tattoos (£4.99). I have lots of shades and they are perfect to use by themselves, but there are two I use the most. For an everyday eye I use the Leather Effect formula in "Creamy Beige" and if I want a bit more sparkle, I use the regular formula in "On and On Bronze". These are both brown based, but as they are the shadows I use the most, I tend to stick with them, but if you wanted one to use with all looks, I'd go with the Creamy Matte formula in "Creme De Rose". They can be quite hard to get hold of apart from "On and On Bronze", so if you can find them, snatch them up.

#2 - Start with the crease
This is a tip I only learnt very recently, but since then, I am a total convert. I always use to do the crease after the lid and my eye look just never looked very good. But starting with a transition shade in the crease first, really works. It is usually a matte shade on the nude eyeshadow scale and is use to warm up the crease, and prepare it for any colour you might want to add. I have quite a deep crease which you don't often see when my eyes are open, so this has really helped define it. Even if you loose a little of the colour when applying the lid colour, you can easily add it back in.

#3 - Blend, Blend, Blend
I think this is a tip that everyone knows and uses, but it is such an important step. Rather than a harsh transition between colours, blending softens the look and creates a smooth gradient between the colours. It is also important to blend along the crease and brow bone too. A fluffy eyeshadow brush is useful for this step.

#4 - Build the colour up!
With eyeshadows being so pigmented nowaday, we can sometimes forget that one swipe can give a massive payoff. I've done it myself in the past and ended it looking like I have two black eyes because I went in too heavy handed. You can always add more but you can't take away and that is such an important tip. Build the colour up gradually, especially with the outer corner on a smokey eye look. Start with the lightest shade and work up to the darkest, or use on shade and apply a layer at a time, building up the colour till you have achieved the look you want, blending out each time.

#5 - Pack the shimmer on
While shimmer eyeshadows can be a magpie moment to me, when it comes to putting them on the eye, they can shower your entire face with a glitter explosion. It is debatable whether you do your base then eyes, or eyes then base, but if you do the base first, using a flat eyeshadow brush, pat the shadow gently on the lid to apply the shimmer. If you brush it on, all you going to do is flick the shimmer across your face! And if you still have fall out because of that one pesky shadow that just won't play, use a big fluffy powder brush to gently sweep away the fall out and if need be, apply a little concealer under the eyes to neaten the look.

Whilst I know most of you out there are pros when it comes to doing your eye look, I hope that these tips have given you a little advice or just something to think about the next time you reach for your eyeshadow brush. If you have any other top tips then feel free to leave them in the comments below and you'll probably teach me something too!

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