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Fragrance Direct Haul Part 2

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If you enjoyed part one of this haul, then here is the lovely second part! Today features more NYC products, but this we have a lot of blushers and a lipstick, so let's get right into it.

I picked up three of the Cheek Glow blushes in the shades "NoLiTa Pink", "Riverside Rose" and "West Side Wine", all £0.99 each. From the image on the Fragrance Direct website, I thought these would be more in the size of the Rimmel blushes, but they are pretty big (about the width of hand!). They come with a little brush, which while isn't bad, who applies blush with those skinny brushes? I've only ever seen people using fluffy brushes.

"NoLiTa Pink" is like my go to blush colour. It is a pretty deep coral with a gold shimmer through it, you know the drill. This is just my perfect shade of blush, but it isn't different to any that I already own. Does anyone else buy shades they already have?

I chose "Riverside Rose", because I thought It was an unusual shade of blush and I don't think I have anything else like it (but how would I really know lol!). This is a lovely tan shade blusher which is a perfect everyday shade and something I think would flatter every skintone. Just a real nice warmth to the cheeks.

"West Side Wine" is on of those real deceiving shades that is perfectly named. It looks really cool toned and quite pastel in the pan, and not to dissimilar to Riverside Rose. But on, it is a lot warmer and very true to it's name in that it is a real wine tone. I had a blush like this which look baby pink in the pan but a lot warmer and the cheeks and I love that.

I picked up one of the BB Beautifying Blushable Cream Stick Blush in "Soho Pink" (£0.99). I feel this is more of a coral pink shade, but I can forgive that. I love stick/cream blush and would love to extend my collection a bit more as it is pretty poor. Again, this is my go to shade, and while it looks pretty scary when you swipe it on, it blends out really nicely as you can see in the two swatches above.

Finally, though I do not need anymore lipsticks, this happen to fall into my basket (can that happen online???). I chose a Expert Last lipstick (£0.99) in the shade "Creamy Mauve". Like all the NYC products, this has fab packaging and I like that the bullet is a little more skinny than most lipsticks, as I have smaller lips. While I can see the mauve in it, I would label this a Barbie pink, which is a little out of my comfort zone, but I tried it on and actually it doesn't stand out as much as I thought. It is nice and creamy too.

And that is the end of part 2! The final part features foundations!

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