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Fragrance Direct Haul Part 3

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Here is the final part of my Fragrance Direct haul and today's part includes foundations and nail polish. I don't often buy new foundations, but I went a little to town on them in this haul and overall, I'm pleased mostly, but I'll explain more in the post.

First off, I picked up two of the NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in "Classy Glassy", to use as a base and top coat. I have used this polish many many times before and it just works really well, even if that isn't what it is meant to be used for. They were only £0.50 each and I would recommend them as a nail base and top coat over more expensive ones, cause let's face it - nail polish just chips no matter what. But let's get into the foundation. I have tried these on my face once each for a first impression, so I can't comment on longevity, but I think you know if you like a foundation on that first application.

The first foundation I picked up was the Sleek Bare Skin Foundation in the shade "White Rose" (£1.99). I have never used any Sleek product before mainly due to the fact that my local Boots and Superdrug don't stock it, but I know that it is a quality brand. As the shades were named rather than giving a hint to the colour, I matched myself on the foundation they currently sell on their website, as they have the same names. White Rose was the 4th shade in but still on the fairer end of the spectrum. I was really impressed with the range of shades available.

At first looking at this I thought it was far to dark and orange, but actually testing it on my face, it blends out really nicely. I could have gone a shade lighter, but this was the lightest they offered on the Fragrance Direct site, but I can still use this. I really liked the look of this on the skin. It claims natural lightweight coverage and would agree, it looks like your own skin but just better. I can't wait to give this the full test drive.

I picked up another Sleek foundation, this one being the New Skin Revive SPF 15 Foundation, again in the shade "White Rose" (£2.99). This one looked lighter than the previous despite the same shade name, but blended out, this came off so warm and orange. This is a silicone based foundation, which from the texture you can tell. It claims to be lightweight and balance out uneven skintone. I can't say yes to any of these and I didn't really like the application, something about it didn't look right. I don't know if I would use this again, but as I hate waist, I could probably mix a lighter shade in. One thing to point out is that I pressed that pump a good 50 times before any product came out.

Finally I picked up the NYC Skin Matching Luminizer Foundation in the shade "Fair to Light" (£1.50). I'm not going to lie, I purely bought this to see what it would be like, not really expecting much for £1.50. My first thought was that I do think this is on the warmer side of fair to light, I was expecting something a bit cooler. This has a very watery consistency, which means it is lightweight. Being luminizing, it says it gives a radiant complexion. I definitely think it does have that and I did like the application, but it took a bit of blending. For £1.50 it is good, but I don't think I would purchase it again because it is perfumed and you can smell it!

I was pretty pleased with my haul overall, although I had higher hopes for some of the foundations, but at least there was one that I really liked. It is the pitfall of buying foundation online no matter how many swatches you google. I hope you enjoyed this haul and now I have to go and actually think of a next post! Wish me luck!

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